The problem with Elen Asatryan for Glendale City Council

Your Irascible Correspondent has been doing a bit (just a bit) of investigation for you guys.  Recently Elen Asatryan was a guest on the WiseNuts podcast, an Armenian American Podcast based out of Burbank CA.  The hosts, the 3 WiseNuts talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly side of everyday life. With a new guest every week, they are currently the longest running Armenian podcast. Podcast is primarily in English.

I was impressed with Asatryan’s story of her early forays into pro Armenian activism leading into political life, she certainly has some good accomplishments to her credit.  Even some of her ideas, particularly in south Glendale are fairly reasonable, such as requiring developers to include green spaces between projects to make the neighborhoods more welcoming to residents walking their neighborhoods, seem reasonable.  Especially since the whole thrust of building massive, multi story hives right up the the sidewalk seems to exclude the idea of these new kinds of residential blocks are intended to include any kind of pleasant aesthetics.

But as she goes along it becomes very clear that there are some topics she doesn’t want to talk about.

Such as the idea that perhaps police discrimination against Armenians might have something to do with Armenian kids driving Dad’s expensive car at 90 mph on city streets.

She supports Black Lives Matter, and wouldn’t really look at the facts behind George Floyd’s death.  The fact that he was a violent thug and died of a drug overdose while in police custody is irrelevant and ought not be part of the conversation.  She evades the question of the violence associated with that whole sordid incident.

She would support the so called “Gay Pride” parades despite the concerns of the hosts as to the display of, in their terms, “certain ways of dressing” which would offend against decency norms.

She considers Justice Jackson fully qualified and her appointment as having nothing to with the fact that she is a black female who has a judicial history of being soft on sex criminals convicted of sex crimes against children.

She claims she is clueless about the transgender debate raging in society at large and the schools in particular.  She seems to support biological males competing in women’s sports and does not regard transgender ideology as undermining the women’s rights movement.

By this point it is clear that she is very annoyed at the hosts trying to pin her down on particular topics, and pleads a prior engagement to end the interview rather than face further questions from the hosts or their audience listening live on the internet.

The response of the listeners in the comments section is instructive:

Vartan Agnerian
Due respect to Elen Asatryan’s career achievements’ but twisting Arno’s direct and clear questions and avoiding to give her own opinion and not respond in a clear and direct manner ‘ about BLM, permitting a gay parade in Glendale, and the biologically existing male and female genders was quite disappointing and bothersome’
I Truck
I’m Armenian man and I drive a nice car as well but cops never pulled me over for no good reason and even when they pulled me over for a braking traffic rules %95 percent of the time they let me go with just simple warning cuz I spoke with them with no attitude. Stop being victims change ur mentality
Falk Yerth
I don’t think she’s fit to run. Her body language shows when ever shes asked an uncomfortable question you can see she’s getting annoyed. You guys did bring up good points but she decided to concentrate on her narrative. I don’t know who she is but she’s bringing up issues like racism or systemic racism and making it a bigger deal than it is. It’s way more complex and if she can’t have an open dialogue without getter her feeling hurt what makes her fit to run?
Lucy Rshtouni
Its the only thing I agree with her shes right about cops discriminating, I have literally been pulled over (not speeding, driving regularly or even putting gas in gas station) for simply being Armenian and had 4 cops even tell me the only reason why im being pulled over is because I have a nice car and I am Armenian so most likely I have a gun in my car or doing credit card fraud 🤦🏼‍♀️ are u kidding me wtf do I have to do with guns or credit card fraud… and I don’t have a record sooo y me just cause im Armenian with nice car and not only me also with multiple people I know…
I Truck
I’m Armenian but I will not vote for this girl no more democrats no more career politicians she is just like another Jorge soros appointee !!
In short, although she may have reasonable ideas about the architectural terrain in Glendale, she is a typical radical left wing pol who will subvert the moral fabric of what is at root a traditional, family oriented community.  Your Irascible Correspondent giver her a big thumbs down.
Fortunately we have some excellent candidates running in Glendale:
Glendale City Council – Jordan Henry, Ara James Najarian, Vrej Agajanian
Glendale CityClerk – Greg Krikorian
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  1. I haven’t watched the episode but I’m glad the hosts grilled her with the questions Glendale residents would like to know. I’m Filipino, been living in Glendale for the past 12 years, and I love it here. I love my Armenian neighbors, Glendale isn’t perfect, but I love it. It’s these white liberals from DTLA and out of state that are trying to change Glendale and need to go. They use people that look like us to push their agenda. I will not be voting for her definitely.

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