The Left’s Reweaving of America with Words

The Left’s Reweaving of America with Words

By GBRA member David Kean

Turn on your TV, computer, or step outside your door and you’ll be told men can be “women”, women can be “men” or either can be neither and become a non-binary/non-gender “they”. And of course non-citizens have a “right” to vote in United States elections. How did this happen? The far left has implemented an effective step-by-step process of changing society by redefining words and terms. They always start with something sensible, and work us into the absurd.

The first step is to introduce an idea such as how genders should behave is a “social construct”. Okay, that seems to make sense. Society did invent the idea men should shake hands and women should curtsey, so it is a true enough statement. Once that rather benign idea has been accepted by society comes step two: how genders dress is a social construct. Okay… that’s true too. Though cross-dressing isn’t generally the road to success unless you’re a drag queen, we as a supporters of freedom can see the argument and give people the freedom to wear what they want.

Next comes the idea that gender itself is a social construct, which is biologically untrue. Most people don’t really care about men presenting themselves or living as women. It’s their choice, it’s an advantage of freedom. But it’s just not fair for biological men to compete against biological women in sports. Just because the exterior façade has been modified doesn’t change the interior bodily structure. Would a Ferrari with a Toyota facade be allowed to race in a Toyota-only race? But don’t dare object or you will be attacked and suspended on social media, or can even lose your job is some corporations.

The legal term, “illegal alien”, may sound a bit rough, so we started using “illegal immigrant”. But now we’re being commanded by leftist and their social media minions to use the term “migrant” or “immigrant”. This way, the left can conflate illegal immigrants with legal ones.

This is how the media fraud starts. Republicans want to cut off health benefits to immigrants, the media claims. To those who don’t pay attention, it’s logical to assume this means all immigrants, legal as well as illegal. The ultimate goal to add millions of new Democrat voters.

What can we do? First of all is to speak up. Send emails, make phone calls, cancel subscriptions, and stop giving money to companies that use your money to fund causes that you detest. Make sure to vote in every election no matter how insignificant or small – it opens the door for higher office. The left has been employing these tactics for decades, and have been effective. Some conservatives say, “We’re better than that”. My opinion: If a boxer is fighting a gladiator, they’d better toss the gloves and pick up a spear. Your voice is the staff, your vote is the spearhead, and your money is the tip.

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