The John Thaler Maricopa election fraud allegations fall apart

Here’s Tracy Beanz, who does her homework, unravelling the corruption allegations.

What this Thaler guy alleges in regards to Brittany his ex wife, is nuts and clearly false.  What is NOT false is, first, that there is corruption in Arizona, and second, that the methods by which money is laundered are the real, are the actual common methods actually used.  The fact that Bennett was so upset is likely because these are exactly the activities in which he was involved.

As Liz Harris has been an active and effective advocate for exposing the election fraud in the 2020 election and was instrumental in setting up this election integrity committee in the first place, it is possible, likely even, that Thaler’s inclusion was a set up designed to discredit Harris and the whole election integrity movement.  Here is Jovan Hutton Pulitzer’s take following his interview with the Thaler and Breger interview mentioned by Beanz which is below that.  Language warning, he is very upset.


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