Good candidates won’t get elected if you don’t vote for them, but bad candidates will

One of the very important things we are discovering is the importance of the down ballot races in our elections.  How did we get so many crooked judges, city clerks, school boards and other “small” elected positions?  Because everybody is focused on the top of the ticket and we don’t pay attention to much of anything not at the federal level.  Granted that information is hard to come by.  Every election, at the last minute, people are asking, “Who’s good for judge, city council, community college board, board of equalization, etc.?”  Most people don’t even ask, they just skip voting for these positions.

These positions matter greatly, as we have found out as the results of the 2020 election are being scrutinized.  Very often these are the people that run and certify our elections.  We now know that George Soros has been spending a lot of money on District Attorneys, city clerks and other “insignificant” positions, to say nothing about ballot measures.  Not only do these people have a lot of power in their own areas, but they nominate and hire their staffs which often turn out to be just as crooked, and they’ve been doing it for years.  The Deep State doesn’t just reside in the Federal District of Corruption, it goes all the way down and is reaching its claws right down into the neighborhoods where we live, shop, recreate and worship.

By now all the candidates who are running for anything have filed.  One place to begin your research is  Another is Ballotpedia.  Here is a list of all State and Federal candidatesThe CA Secretary of State has lists as well.  Call the CA Secretary of State and begin tracking down your local candidates.  Your Irascible Correspondent will endeavor to present more sources of information.

OK, you’ve got a list of names.  Now what?  Investigate.

Here again I’ll provide more resources as we go along.  But the internet is your friend but Wikipedia is not.  Search for that person’s name on Facebook, Twitter, and Google, see if it is the same person.  Read what they’ve been saying and doing for a couple of years back.  A common tactic is for people who want to present a pretty picture of themselves to delete posts on social media platforms.  So start early before these people start polishing their image, as they often forget how different their history is from what they want to pretend to be.  Not all Republicans are actually Republicans; one measure might be to evaluate how closely the candidates have held to the Fourteen Principles over the course of their public life.

Ballots go out early May.
First day to Vote in Person is May 28.
Last day to Vote in Person is June 7.

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