The elite’s endgame with EVs [Electric Vehicles] and it’s NOT about ‘saving the planet’

John Hayward’s thread EXPOSES the truth:

There is far more to Biden and the other ‘elite’s’ plan with electric vehicles than saving the planet … in fact, we’re pretty sure the ‘planet’ has very little to do with any of this push to make us all reliant on green energy that is in no way adequate for our energy needs.

John Hayward put together an exceptional (as usual) thread on what they’re really up to:

Spoiler alert: the endgame of the “electric vehicle revolution” is NOT the same number of people driving around, except using EVs instead of gas-fueled cars. The endgame is sharply restricting or eliminating personal transportation for the middle and lower classes.

Hat tip to @TXOdysseus for pointing out in this thread that there aren’t enough vital minerals in the entire world to “replace” the internal combustion engine with batteries. It’s an empirically demonstrable fact. Those profiting from the “EV revolution” are well aware of it.

And what of the Third World? If it’s physically impossible to build enough EVs to “replace” cars on a one-to-one basis, what happens to the places that need affordable internal combustion engines to develop industry? They’re being consigned to eternal pre-industrial poverty.

It’s outright imperialism, especially when you look at what actually happens to the countries where our “green” visionaries are happy to unleash rapacious Chinese corporations to rip Mother Earth to shreds. Global dreams of expanding a prosperous middle class will be shattered.

The genuine demand for electric cars is very nearly zero, and always has been. If they were sold at realistic prices, without titanic subsidies forcibly extracted from taxpayers, there would be maybe a hundred of them in the entire world, driven by virtue-signaling idle rich.

We have been forced to finance our compulsory transition away from reliable and affordable personal transportation. If this was any other industry, the Left would be screaming bloody murder at the cronyism, corruption, profiteering, and staggering environmental damage.

The environmental promises of electric cars are a total sham as well. It takes a very long time for an EV to reach the same net “environmental footprint” as a modern automobile, especially if we’re not allowed to use nuclear power to charge them, and the cost/mile is staggering.

The cost/mile factor is important, not only because the middle class will be impoverished by the compulsory adoption of EVs, but because environmental sensitivity is a luxury of prosperous societies. Raise the cost of everything for EVs and people will get dirtier in other ways.

Existing national power grids cannot come close to handling a 1-to-1 transition from autos to EVs. Again, the people doing this to us are very well aware of it. If we’re forced to sacrifice reliable power sources for expensive solar and wind junk, the shortage gets much worse.

Everything that could come close to making these calculations work out for EVs is highly speculative technology, if not outright science fiction. We’ve got collectivist plans that dissolve into penciled-in question marks 5 and 10 years out. Maybe hydrogen fuel cells will pan out!

So the plan is clearly to reduce the number of people with access to personal transportation, especially with enough range to give them control over careers and lifestyles. The lower classes will move around less. They’ll use public transport. More of them will cluster in cities.

Not so for the elite, of course. THEY will have reliable transportation. They will be allowed to fly. Not a single member of the political or corporate upper crust will ever be obliged to plan their business or leisure around the lack of at-will long-range individual transport.

There are quite a few states in the U.S. where it would be impossible for many residents to drive across state lines if they were forced to use EVs. It would take days of driving and recharging – assuming the titanic investment of building enough charging stations was made.

It’s already clear to most people in the lower and middle class that EVs are unaffordable. Sneering elitists snottily ordering hard-working family folks to throw down $60k plus staggering maintenance costs to replace their lovely $20k sedans should be causing an uprising.

You should rise up not only because you’re being ordered to pay for those incredibly expensive, unreliable, shorter-range EVs – but because the toffs giving those orders KNOW YOU CAN’T DO IT. They’re the same people who accuse employers of exploitation over minimum wage jobs.

If people supposedly can’t make a living at anything close to the minimum wage NOW, what happens when personal transportation costs 3x or 5x as much? They KNOW you can’t afford that. They know you’ll surrender freedom of movement after they make it unaffordable.

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