The court rules against Newsom – but …

Court Ruling against Newsom vs AB 860
by: Ruth Weiss, EIPCa  Director  of  Legislative  Oversight,
EIPCa is receiving many contacts rejoicing in the court ruling blocking Governor Newsom’s all-vote-by-mail ballot mandate, but also wondering if it is now necessary to continue to fight AB 860.
We hope this will clear up the confusion:

  • The court ruling against Governor Newsom’s Executive Order was a reprimand of the governor for overstepping the boundaries of his executive position. It was a win for balance of power–the system works.
  • There is no Constitutional prohibition of all-vote-by-mail elections, as long as the mandate is duly passed into law by the state legislature.
  • To summarize: the governor cannot institute election procedures through executive action, but the legislature can.
  • AB 860 mandates exactly what Newsom’s executive order laid out. The court ruling will not affect the legality of AB 860.
We cannot hope to stop the enactment of this law. BUT we will one more time request an amendment that proper maintenance of the voter rolls be accomplished before August; we will also question the extension of the ballot arrival grace period. By voting down our common-sense requests, they will expose their agenda.
We must make it clear to the legislators that we:

  • will no longer “sit down and shut up”
  • are NOT in favor of this action because of the clear fraud it enables
  • understand the real agenda
  • will continue to watch them and call them out.

Please STAND UP one more time for ELECTION INTEGRITY

Call in to the last AB 860 hearing
Tuesday, June 16, 10:00 a.m.
The phone number will be posted Monday night on

Please keep checking if you don’t see the phone number right away!

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3 Comments on “The court rules against Newsom – but …

  1. AB860 hearing, 6/16/20. Opposed as written. When BLM stays home to protest, and Antifa only burn down their own homes and cars; when media and politicians celebrate every citizens’ right to attend worship, to speak and print speech freely, and to gather peaceably, AND then vilify the destruction currently on display, then AB860 might be taken seriously.
    Thank you Ruth Weiss for your eloquence.

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