The collapse of civilization

First, here’s Tucker.

He’s right that at bottom the homeless crisis is an entirely contrived crisis.  You get more of what you subsidize, always.  Still, there is the implication, which Tucker does not address, that this is all the result of hapless compassionistas trying to fix a problem and failing.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me caveat that.  What I am about to say can be considered speculation as I don’t have documentary evidence to support my contention, nor telepathic insight in to what these people are actually thinking.  But it fits a pattern we have seen before.  That pattern goes by the name Cloward-Piven Strategy.

Yes, first they fought for human rights of the mentally disturbed when Reagan was governor, and shut the insane asylums down.  Those tortured souls had nowhere to go but the streets.  By then the drug culture was well underway, adding to the numbers of those whose minds had been destroyed by nature or nurture those destroyed by narcotics.

This clandestine policy serves two purposes.  First, it creates a problem that supposedly can only be cured by throwing money at it, which money becomes a slush fund for other things, kickbacks are the least of it.  There are a lot of radical leftist problems that siphon money off government programs that fund the poor.  Second, it is part of the program of demoralization.  It is very hard for a citizen to hold up his head with pride and support his society when he sees that his streets have become human waste dumps.  He is inclined to feel that there nothing to uphold, nothing to defend, driving him to apathy.  That apathy is death to a representative republic as it allows evil men to seize the reins of power unobserved, unmolested and unopposed.

Our civilization is not collapsing due to any outside force.  It is being hollowed out by an vile and wicked religion, Marxism: its creed of envy, its mask of false compassion and its tools of violence, mendacity and subversion.  Expose it everywhere it appears.  Expose it and challenge it wherever political correctness, social justice idiocy or woke bull shite appears.  Know your enemy and know yourself.  Recognize the lies, call them out and speak the truth.  You may not do it particularly well, you will not do it perfectly.  If I do not speak the truth as best I’m able the lies prevail by default, and the Kingdom of the Father of Lies grows.

You know where that leads.  Don’t go there.

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