Teaching idol worship and human sacrifice in CA schools

American Action News carries the story:

The California Education Department has proposed a brand new curriculum which would encourage children to chant the names of ancient Aztec Gods that were frequently involved in human sacrifice before contact with European explorers.

As The New York Post reports:

The California Department of Education has proposed an ethnic studies “model curriculum” that includes, among other things, chanting the names of Aztec gods in an attempt to build unity among schoolchildren.

Included in the draft curriculum is a list of “lesson resources” with a chant based on “In Lak Ech,” which it describes as “love, unity, mutual respect,” and “Panche Be,” which it describes as “seeking the roots of truth.”


The chant starts with a declaration that “you are my other me” and “if I do harm to you, I do harm to myself.” Before chanting the name of the Aztec god Tezkatlipoka, the text reads: “Seeking the roots of the truth, seeking the truth of the roots, elders and us youth, (youth), critical thinking through.”…

A portion read, “pulsating creation huitzilopochtli cause like sunlight, the light inside of us, in will to action’s what brings… Xipe Totek, Xipe Totek, x2 transformation, liberation, education, emancipation. imagination revitalization, liberation, transformation, decolonization, liberation, education, emancipation, changin’ our situation in this human transformation.”

Is this move by California’s progressive Eduction Department merely a move toward tolerance and ‘inclusivity’ or the active promotion of the worship of pagan gods? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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