Teacher colleges – a bigger problem than just CRT

The entire purpose of education whether public or private, is to induct the upcoming generation into the parent culture and prepare them to become functioning adults in society.  Since Man is a social creature this process is as necessary for every human being as is food and water.  Here in the US that means induction into American culture and preparation for the duties and privileges of American citizenship.

Critical Race Theory, the ugly face of Marxist indoctrination being taught in our schools today, is one name for a variety of, call them “masks,” which have the same goal, the induction of American youth into an anti-American culture.  Whether flying under the name of CRT, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Ethnic Studies, Education for Social Justice or fill-in-the-blank Bitter Victim Studies, it is all the same serpent.  It will change its name to make itself palatable to American sensibilities just as we went from from calling the movement Progressivism to Liberalism and back to Progressivism it is all Socialism/Communism/Marxism in the end.

So expect leftists to change the name of their programs as the unsavory nature of their agenda gets exposed.  The name will change but the agenda will not.  Rooting it out is going to be a huge undertaking for two reasons: 1. it is already everywhere; 2. the corrupting source has not yet been addressed.  The balance of the discussion now turns to the second of these problems: teacher training programs.

The Communists have always known that the key to transforming a society is the education of youth.  When the members of the Frankfurt School fled Hitler’s Germany in the 1930’s they established themselves at various American institutions of higher learning, placing themselves so as to influence the influencers.  From this small seed they spread their pernicious influence through American higher education, and ultimately into the the teacher colleges.  By now the majority of teachers have come under the influence of Marxist ideas, and assimilated them to a greater or lesser degree.  That’s why monsters such as Gabriel Gipe, seen in the video below, are not uncommon.

Once the parents got wind of this, things got hot for Mr. Gipe and Board of Education.  These are selected clips from the events of the day, I’m sure there were many more.  As this is in Oakland, CA, I can be pretty sure that there were parents, teachers and students who spoke in defense of Mr. Gipe as well.

Your Irascible Correspondent attended the La Canada Board of Education meeting on Monday, August 30th.  I found that the the room was pretty well divided into two blocks, those outraged at the discovery that their children’s teachers were plotting to dismantle the curriculum in favor of Marxism, and those parents, teachers and students who were outraged that the teacher’s treason had been discovered and made public and supported their aims.  Unfortunately there is no video of the meeting, but you can listen to it here.  The fist part of the meeting dealt with the CRT and teachers issues, the latter part of the meeting dealt with masking and vaccines.

Particularly when listening to the children speak of their conviction that CRT was an immensely valuable part of their education I was reminded of watching people in a cult, such as the Moonies.  The more I thought about it the more convinced I became that the whole woke movement is a massive cult.  Normally a cult requires a charismatic, all wise, all knowing leader, but a cult can manage just fine by divinizing a set of ideals instead of an individual Great Leader as is common in Socialist and Communist countries.  In fact work has already been done on the idea that “Wokeness” is cultic over here.  So part of the solution becomes de-programming these Woke Cultists, which involves more than censuring them or getting them fired.  More on that another time.

But there is still another problem, if teachers are hell bent on teaching Wokeness (as many declare themselves to be) in their classrooms, how do they get replaced, given that the pool of possible replacements are drawn from the same pool?  The answer to that is not immediately clear either.  The percentage of parents who are home schooling has increased tremendously over the last two years, but still the majority of parents cannot do that.  A stopgap solution might be found in the California School Choice Foundation, which aims to get on the ballot in 2022.  This is the best long term solution out there, but it will require a lot of support.

This situation is the result of decades of inattention to what has been happening in schools, and to much else.  These are our chickens and they’ve come home to roost.  As large as the problem is it is not insoluble.  It requires only focus, determination and persistence in influencing that part of the problem each of us can reach, even if it is nothing more than prayer – mightier works than this have been wrought by prayer, it is not a small thing.  The key here is discovering what is happening, exposing it, broadcasting it and appying constant pressure for change.  We can do this.  So let’s do it.

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