Stuff you need to know – read ’em and seethe

Microsoft Corporation (think Bill Gates) patents an implantable microchip that runs off the energy of your own body and can hold and broadcast tremendous amounts of data about you.  They are already using an early version in Sweden.

India wipes out Covid-19 with aggressive testing and a medical kit costing $2.66.  Here in the US we are not allowed to know about this, how they did it or have access to those off patent but very effective medications, in this case, Ivermectin.  So why can Afghan “refugees” get it but you and I can’t?

By the way, I’m having trouble finding Tonic Water for my gin.  Is anybody else having this problem?  Let me know in the Contact me form.

So why are so many body bags being shipped by FedEx?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Another interview with Dr. Zelenko.  President Trump signed an executive order making hydroxychloroquine available to all Americans from government stockpiles; who defeated that order, how and why?

Project Veritas busts Pfizer with hidden camera interviews of not one, not two, but THREE Pfizer insiders.  Oh, my!

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