Strategic conquest of America – part 5

So far we have seen that International Communism set itself the task of conquering the United States using the KGB’s tried and true recipe of infiltration and subversion, which it has used successfully all over the world.  In phase one many Americans have been taught to despise their own nation, culture and history: Demoralization.  In phase two America’s institutions have been rendered ineffective and set to work at cross purposes to the welfare of the nation: Destabilization.  In phase three an unmotivated populace is forced to work with unmanageable institutions to attempt -and fail – to resolve an artificial calamity resulting in catastrophic failure and the fall of the government: Crisis.

In Yuri Bezmenov’s lexicon the process of replacing a fallen government with a pro Soviet, or in today’s world, a Socialist government, is called Normalization.  The term was coined by Leonid Brezhnev following the short lived and brutally suppressed Hungarian revolt in 1956,  when he declared that “the situation in Hungary has been normalized.”  That normalization resulted in thousands of Hungarians who had supported the revolt being shot out of hand, imprisoned, tortured, and for the more prominent among them, taken to Russia tried and shot in secret.  The Kremlin kept a firm thumb on the Hungarians up until the Soviet collapse in 1991.  In a similar manner the Prague Spring of 1968 was “normalized” with somewhat less savagery as the Czechs offered no violent resistance to Russian Army when they invaded.

Suppression of revolts in the Soviet block by the Red Army were relatively rare.  Far more common was the process of normalization that followed a successful Communist revolution.  In Cuba Fidel Castro’s regime imprisoned, tortured and killed 73,000, and continues to do so today.  Pol Pot’s successful revolution was legendary for cruelty, brutality and blood shed, earning Cambodia the soubriquet The Killing Fields.  Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary regime in North Vietnam resulted in the imprisonment and execution of approximately 1,200,000 between 1954 and 1975, the majority before 1957.   That was just in the North and does not count the war with the South or the tragic aftermath of the South’s 1975 defeat.

These are just a few examples of of what normalization means for those unfortunate enough to be on the losing end of Communist aggression.  Difficulties in arriving at exact numbers are twofold.  First, accurate records are seldom kept, the Germans being the grim exception.  Second, Marxist true believers continue to foment revolutions worldwide, and those already in Socialist chains continue to suffer and die at astronomical rates.  The Black Book of Communism, published in 1997, is long out of date.  A somewhat more up to date summary can be found here.

Famine, terror, mass murder and endless, unrelenting failure are the universal hallmarks of a successful Marxist takeover.  Even in the US those fomenting revolution have fantasized about the need to put 100,000,000 Americans in reeducation camps about 25% of whom would be irreformable and would need to be killed (video at link).  That was Bill Ayers, Immaculate Barry Obama’s “just a guy in the neighborhood” back in the ’60s, but that attitude has not changed much since then.  Consider Dr. Carol Baker, chair of the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (video at link).  The extermination of political opposition, however weak and unfocused is an integral feature of the normalization process.  The logic of totalitarianism requires it.

In the previous essay in this series, as well two earlier articles here and here I laid out some of the reasons to believe that the response to the Wuhan virus is a scam, a Bezmenov Crisis event.  We have more information today than was available in those two older articles, but they lead to the same conclusion.  The Communists masquerading as Democrats are playing for all the marbles.

One of America’s greatest military geniuses, if not the greatest, was Colonel John Boyd, USAF.  Among the innovative and useful concepts he developed is the OODA loop.  Every strategic and tactical action, whether military or not, follows these steps.  Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.  Whichever side can complete these steps the fastest has the initiative, and thus the advantage.  For decades the Communists have had the advantage because they understood that that they were at war with America while America did not.  They devised and practiced plans of action that left patriotic Americans confused and paralyzed, unable to correctly understand the threat or devise a suitable response.  In the struggle against this evil ideology Americans went along, fat and dumb and happy, believing that these people were Americans and on America’s side.  Now we know better; this realization is a very good thing.

How might they have hoped their scenario would play out?  Let’s game it out.

President Trump not a smart man (so they think), not being a medical man nor having a background in science, would depend on his scientific advisers who recommend to him that for the sake of the country he must shut it down, everybody goes into voluntary quarantine.  He does this, and the people voluntarily lock themselves into house arrest, utterly terrified of the Wuhan virus, and stay that way until a vaccine is developed.  This would take many months, vaccines are not easy, during which time the trembling population would watch helplessly as their savings disappear, their jobs disappear, they become increasingly dependent on the government, growing angry and frustrated and hopeless.  Come November they would vote Trump out of office, any shortfall in votes would be made up by hundreds of thousands of mail in “bonus ballots” all voting Democrat.  A new Democrat administration would earn the electorate’s gratitude by continuing to provide food and basic services, and gradually jobs would come back.  For safety’s sake everyone would get tested frequently, submitting to enforced quarantine upon testing positive.  Free vaccines would be made mandatory with implanted chips certifying the vaccine and the test results.  An entire social control system would be set in place centered around vaccinations and testing.  The people would be so grateful that their welfare is being safeguarded that they would swiftly comply with whatever restrictions the government would set on their liberty, gladly trading their rights and freedoms for safety from follow-on epidemics.  We would all live the life of Julia happily ever after.

Ain’t gonna happen.

For one thing, President Trump has gone off script.  instead of urging us to stay at home he is instead urging us to get back to work.  Rather than assume national dictatorial control himself he has delegated the responsibility to the States.  He has introduced into the discussions at his daily task force pressers ideas which were never supposed to come up at all, like hydrochloroquine with zinc as an alternative to a vaccine.   He has undermined Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx publicly as he did recently when Birx was listing out ridiculously high numbers of infections and deaths, remarking in the middle of her monologue, “Who can believe those numbers?”

Although many still adhere to the narrative and are duly terrified (often with good reason), increasingly Americans are not responding to Chicken Little With a Megaphone yammering from the TV.  Americans are going off the globalists’ script.  The lockdowns were originally sold as two weeks of isolation to prevent the hospital system from being overwhelmed.  The hospitals were far, far from being overwhelmed, yet the Powers That Be mandated an additional month of voluntary house arrest, and We the People went along with it for the sake of our fellow citizens.  During that period of enforced idleness we had time on our hands to research over the internet and many of us discovered that the data did not match the models.  Now that some States are opening up their economies again with no apparent ill effect, the rest of us, primarily in Blue States, want to know, “Why not us too?”  The natives are getting restless.

The natives got pretty restive in Michigan, among other places, surrounding the Capitol with hundreds of honking cars and protesters on foot.  They certainly sent a message to Governor Whitmer, that they were very unhappy with her high handed and irrational orders for the safety of Michiganders.  People wanted freedom of movement and the freedom to get back to work.  Unsurprisingly Governor Whitmer was unimpressed.  Unimpressed not just because she figures she’s the boss and has the power, but because the protesters just honked, yelled, had a good time and went home.  She knew perfectly well that neither her political power nor her person was at risk.  She was certain that she would not be tarred, feathered and ridden out of town on a rail.  She was right.

This dude is pathetic.

The mistake that the protesters made was that they though that no other action than loudly demanding their rights would suffice to win the day.  How pathetic.  Rights and freedoms are NEVER won by simply demanding them of tyrants.  If anybody ought to know this it should be Americans.  We did not gain our freedom and our rights by playing Mother May I with King George, we got them because we claimed them for ourselves and enforced that claim with the threat of violence against any who would try to take them from us.  Anyone who waits for a tyrant to grant them their rights and freedom is an idiot that will wait in vain.

Watch this video, then let’s talk.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

What did you notice?  Here’s what I noticed.  A whole lot of people milling around, being really respectful and obeying the law while complaining about the rules that bar them from enjoying the beach.  They all stand around at the edge of the beach holding their signs, waving their flags and saying how they won’t take it any more.  By golly, they want their beach!  For most of the time they just stand there, saying how much they want their beach, how they have a right to be on their beach, and all the reasons that the forces of government  should not stand between them and their beach.  Denying them their beach is just plain mean!

People:  Mother, may I go on the beach?
Government:  No!
People: Mother may I please go on the beach?
Government:  No!
People:  Mother pretty please may I go on the beach?
Government:  No!  Now shut up!

Then one gal dashes onto the beach!  She is immediately intercepted by a couple of cops which stop her and actually make her kneel in the sand as they prepare to arrest her.  Then after a bit a couple more people kind of hesitantly move onto the beach, the cops start going after them.  Then a bunch of people start coming onto the beach.  The cops realize that there are more beach jumpers than there are cops to stop them and the cops give up.  This is how effective civil disobedience works.  Stand together!  As despicable as Saul Alynski was his tactics work.  He never organized little demonstrations, they were always big and the people trained.

People:  We’re going to the beach.
Government: Don’t you dare go to the beach.
People:  We’re at the beach.  C’mon, guys!
Government:  Get off that beach this very instant!
People: No!
Government:  Oh, crap!  OK, you can stay on the beach.

The Marxist globalists have made a huge strategic error. They bet the farm that Americans could be terrorized en masse into shuffling down the chute to slavery their barkers in the media have laid out for them.  They tell us that this is the new normal, ie. normalization.  But Americans in increasing numbers are on to them, we are alive to the danger and are breaking off from the designated path to find our own way.

Millions of us are inside their OODA loop (we are going through the cycle faster than they are, taking the initiative from them), Observing what’s actually happening, Orienting ourselves to the realities we see, Deciding on what WE want to do, and taking Action to achieve our goals, local and State governments to the contrary not withstanding.  Now WE have the initiative and are forcing them to react to us.  From this point forward the globalists will be forced to devise a series of increasingly ineffective ad hoc measures to try and keep their plan from falling apart.  It is coming apart and they can’t stop it.

Ultimately the situation will be “normalized,” but it is  not going to be a new normal on their terms.  America will emerge from this crisis.  What we will look like when that happens depends on us.  Do we really understand our rights and liberties?  How highly do we value them?  Are we willing to respect other people’s expression of their rights and liberties?  How willing are we to stand up for our own rights and liberties?  And, key question here, how willing is each of us to risk in support of other’s rights and liberties?

To date there has not been much talk of standing with fellow Americans whose rights and liberties are being unjustly trampled, and even less action.  As we saw in the above video an isolated citizen is easily taken down.  Even a small group of citizens is easily taken down.  A great mass of citizens, not so much.  The globalist’s aim will be to isolate us, to cut us off from the possibility of mutual support.  If we are to retain our freedom and way of life we must make it our business to gather round the citizen being harassed and threatened by tyranny’s enforcers.

Rights and liberties are preserved by their excercise.  This is what the new normal should look like.  Because once they load us on the boxcars its too late.

Others are depending on us.


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  1. Great article!! The people need to read the history of the United States!! The people need to know what we did to be a free country!!

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