Strategic conquest of America – part 4

In the previous essays in this series I discussed America’s ideological enemy in part 1, in which I also introduced the four step strategic plan to destroy America as elucidated by the KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov.  In part 2 I discussed the first step in the strategic plan, Demoralization.  In part 3 I reviewed the second step in the plan, Destabilization.  In this essay I will discuss the third step, Crisis.

In this stage a nation is compelled to face an entirely manufactured situation which it is incapable of resolving.  It should be emphasized that there is nothing natural about this crisis, it is a situation that has been carefully crafted to ensure that the nation’s government is unable to resolve it, is overwhelmed and faced with catastrophic failure, the government falls.  In truth it is an attack on many fronts perpetrated by the covert Lenisist Marxist elements that have infiltrated and subverted the nation’s institutions.

When Hillary Clinton failed to win the 2016 Presidential election the Communists who have been operating behind the mask of the Democrat Party saw their chance to finally consolidate their grip on America slipping away.  The leadership of the party is old and have been working towards this goal for most of their lives; they wanted to be able to enjoy the fruit of their lifetime’s effort.  As members of Karl Marx’s millenarian death cult they might have groomed a younger generation to step into positions of leadership, but secure in their belief that THEY were going to be the anointed ones they reserved the drug “POWER” to themselves.  Having driven all challengers from the arena they now find themselves tied to the tottering husk of Joe Biden.

Hence the wild coup attempts against President Trump.  The Russia Collusion Hoax. the failed Impeachment attempt and now the Wuhan Virus pandemic, or, as is becoming more and more evident, the planned-demic.  We are beginning to understand that whole lockdown scenario, which was supposed to last for only two weeks and has now gone on for nearly two months, has been a waste of time and effort.  Still there are governors (note well the capital letter after their names) who insist on maintaining the lockdown.

OC Register 05/10/2020

So why maintain the lockdowns if they were never really needed in the first place, or if you prefer to believe, were once needed but are no longer necessary?  One possibility is that they are a form of Cloward Piven Strategy, as discussed in a previous article in this series.

From public remarks made at various White House WuFlu pressers among others it was the hope of certain people that the lockdowns would continue in effect until  a vaccine was developed, with no defined date in view.  Clearly it was hoped that they would remain in effect until at least the November election.  The resultant economic catastrophe could then be blamed on Trump to sway the election towards the Democrat ticket.  Also, and more apropos this discussion, is Mr. Garcon’s idea in the above graphic, “we are doing things today that should have been done a long time ago. The pandemic has forced a lot of things that were being talked about to actually take place at a very rapid pace. The reset button was pushed and I don’t see us coming back.”  Thus locking in the fundamental transformation of America.

Donald Trump is America’s response to Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America: “The Audacity of Nope!”  Trump is well on the way to effacing Obama’s transformation, which means that the hard left dotards would need years they don’t have to regain what they’ve lost.  The Whuan virus has given them a crisis, and they mean to exploit it to the hilt.

Ordinarily a planned crisis results in the fall of government with its ruling class and its replacement by a new ruling class that has been waiting in the wings, ready to impose the Worker’s Paradise on a supine, demoralized population and shattered society.  In America’s case it is clear that it is not the ruling class that needs purging, but a still unruly American people.  Having terrified us with the largely chimerical Chinese virus they demand that we trade our lusty freedom for a managed, ephemeral safety.  They demand that we exchange our natural leadership, We the People under God, for a smarmy, preening, incompetent Socialist aristocracy.

There have been two unintended beneficial effects of these lockdowns.  The first is that We the People, with more time on our hands, have been able to look into what is going on and have become more skeptical of the entire premise and its sequels.  People know they are being lied to, and they don’t like it.  The second is that we have so far been spared terrorist violence.

In his 1988 book, Spetsnaz, the GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) defector Viktor Suvorov outlined the use of plain clothes Spetsnaz troops to infiltrate a target nation’s population and engage in assassinations, sabotage and random acts of violence.  Responsibility for these acts was never claimed by any  terrorist group, they just came out of the blue and were known as “the gray terror.”  As no one could understand or predict the violence the target society was reduced to fearful confusion and paralysis, aiding the soon to appear Red Army coming to “rescue” the troubled country.  The Left has just such forces at their disposal, notably, Antifa and special cadres of trained thugs, some in gangs, some not.  As a general rule the gray terror includes a significant uptick in general criminal activity.  It is no accident that hard left District Attorneys like George Garcon have been refusing to prosecute violent criminals and instead releasing them back into the unsuspecting population, even before the Wuhan virus was unleashed.

The question remains, however, is the Wuhan virus pandemic a planned event?  There are facts that suggest that it is.  Enhanced corona virus research in North Carolina made illegal by Congress because it is too dangerous is not suspended but moved to Wuhan in China.  Dr. Fauci authorizes several million dollars to be paid to the research facility in Wuhan from NIH fundsEvent 201 takes place in New York on 18 October 2019 to discuss how information about a pandemic is to be managed.  The connections between Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx with entities at least partially funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationThe many connections with vast sums of money flowing between the Gates Foundation and vaccine makers and philanthropic organizations distributing vaccines throughout the third world, and the fantastically high failure rates of those vaccinesThe insistence on the need for a vaccine when perfectly effective and affordable cures are available (hydroxychoroquine + zinc).  The faked studies by the CDC that purport to show that hydroxychloroquine + zinc is ineffective or more dangerous than death.  The very strange lockstep reportage on the whole pandemic event by the mainstream media to scare the public into acquiescing to extended lockdowns.  The very strange efforts by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube to very quickly remove any discussion not in agreement with the mainstream media’s narrative.  H.R. 6666 (a clue here?) proposing millions of dollars for an army of virus testers with the power to forcibly sequester infected persons and conduct extensive contact tracing.  The Covid-19 wonder drug Remdesivir made by Gilead Sciences, a Chinese company in Wuhan China, in which George Soros and the Gates Foundation are heavy investors.  And much, much more, any couple of which would be no big deal, but there are just too many interlocking pieces not to believe that this is a Bezmenov Crisis event.  They are playing for all the marbles.

The Soviet strategic plan for taking over other countries and imposing a Socialist government, whether directly or by proxy, requires forcing an existential crisis requiring the assistance of friendly Socialist comrades to resolve.  The conquest of America has been a long term goal of world Communism for decades.  We have been demoralized, destabilized and finally brought to crisis.  All that remains now is normalization, which I will discuss in the next and final essay in this series.

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  1. Trump is God’s answer to those who want to play God. Their schemes to manipulate and control will be exposed and will result in another Trump term. Then the Battle Hymn of the Republic will make sense: ‘….he has trampled out the vintage where his grapes of wrath are stored, he has loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword, His truth is marching on’. Every scheme ‘they’ imploy will be exposed and credited to their ‘wrath’ account. Trust trump !!

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