South Africa goes full Mad Max

‘Way back in 2018 Lauren Southern produced a very moving, very poignant film about the plight of the white farmers in South Africa, which I will present below.  At that time it was clear to me that South African society was in collapse, the course they were set upon could lead only to even more terrible outcomes.  At that time intelligent, broad minded friends of mine assured me that it was simply a racist propaganda piece with no foundation in reality.

Fast forward to today:

We’ve had a small taste of that Stateside with the Antifa and BLM “peaceful protests” and ancillary opportunistic looting.  Here those activities have a different genesis: Marxist subversion in service to the quest for political power.  Never the less, as mentioned previously in these pages, what these people propose is a program that will eventually result in the same thing, “Burn it all down, only then will we be able to build a just society,” imagining themselves in charge.  Here it is a tool for creating the Fool’s Worker’s Paradise, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, The Glorious World of Next Tuesday.  There it is the more or less accidental dissolution of civilization.  It is Thomas Hobbes’ War of all against all.





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