Same old tricks – trying to demoralize us so we give up without a fight – don’t fall for it

From Legal Insurrection:

I understand how demoralizing the current situation is. The border is wide open. The full apparatus of the criminal justice system from DOJ to FBI to state prosecutors are weaponized for Democrat political purposes. To his (dis)credit, Biden has been able to do substantial and long-lasting damage to the country with just a 50/50 Senate.

Yet the narrative as recently as a month ago was that a red wave was coming in November.

That has changed. There is a concerted media effort to create the counter-narrative that the red wave has failed. Even though we are just entering the prime election season, and Republicans still lead in the generic ballot.

It happens every election cycle. Operation Demoralize.

What is it? 

“The media swarms and lies. Tells you it’s over, wants you to give up. Happens every single time.”

Melissa Chen described it back in 2020:

“Feeling exhausted & demoralized?

They want you to think you’re all alone, swimming against the tide. You’re not.

That’s the goal – to break your will, to train your attention on the inane and frivolous, to siphon it away from issues of existential gravity, of global import.”

View the early and notoriously inaccurate polling in this context. View the mainstream media analysis in this context. View Biden’s increasing incitement of conflict between Americans in this context. This is Team Obama 101 stuff.

Operation Demoralize will only get worse.

Don’t fall for it.

Maybe we won’t fall for it this time despite the GOP’s long tradition of playing Charlie Brown to the Dems’ Lucy and the football.

Crash course: everything they accuse us of is what they are doing; they lie because nobody sane would buy their real policies; whatever legislation they propose is designed to do the opposite of what they claim; if they don’t cheat they can’t win.

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