Republican candidates excluded from the ballot

G. Rick Marshall

State Board of Equalization
3rd District

Before you mail in your ballot…

Fellow CRA Member,

When I became a candidate for STATE BOARD OF EQUALIZATON, 3rd DISTRICT, I could no longer be your CRA membership secretary. My CRA position became vacant per our bylaws once I filed. Running for this office allows me to be a member of the Los Angeles County Republican Party.

Unfortunately, my name does not appear on your ballot. But you can still cast a vote for me by writing G. RICK MARSHALL in the appropriate place after you blacken the “write-in bubble”. When you do, you will vote for the only Republican candidate running for STATE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION, 3rd District.

You live in my District because you live in Los Angeles County. I respectfully ask for your vote. Here’s a picture of what your vote will look like for STATE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION, 3rd DISTRICT:

But wait, there’s more!

I’m not the only Republican write-in candidate in Los Angeles County your should consider voting for in this election. If we are to effectuate change and wreste control of the Party from the political consultants, we need these candidates to be the top Republican vote-getter in their primary race as well. Some will go on to the “Top Two” runoff against their Democrat opponent in November. But all will be voting members of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County.

If you have one or more of these offices on your ballot, please vote for these candidates by writing in their names as well (blacken the write-in bubble, and neatly print the name in the space provided):

Office Recommended Candidate
State Senate, 24th District Kristina Irwin*
State Senate, 26th District Claudia Agraz
Member of the State Assembly, 41st District Mike McMahon
Member of the State Assembly, 43rd District Siaka Massaquoi
Member of the State Assembly, 48th District Ryan Maye
Member of the State Assembly, 51st District Susanne M. Reyto
Member of the State Assembly, 54th District Elaine Alaniz
Member of the State Assembly, 65th District Lydia Gutierrez

* CRA endorsed

Special Notice

Of course, your vote is your vote. These recommendations are presented so you can help elect conservative Republicans to office who will be instrumental in making the Republican Party in Los Angeles County stand for conservative values and love of America. We need you and ask you to do your part for the cause.

If you vote at a voting center, you must click on the write-in label for the office and type in the candidate’s name for your vote to count.

Thank you for your vote. It is the first step in turning our Republican Party around. It’s time we started listening to voters instead of donors. That is the path back to relevance.

2 Comments on “Republican candidates excluded from the ballot

  1. There is no evidence that Ryan Maye even exists! I did not see a website or any info about him – – AND I would love to see a candidate running against Rubio. Can you provide this please?

  2. These lists of candidates (your endorsements) should be proffered earlier and they should be easily accessible on your website.

    I sent in my ballot already. I would have made good use of this list of candidates.


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