1 Comment on “Report on the 2022 election by General Michael Flynn

  1. Loislee…do you always go to convention…the Republican one coming up in 2023?
    I so appreciate you….I went to the Prager event…loved it! You do a job! As Trump says!
    Also, I love your articles and platform….
    I live in Pasadena…you came to my house once when Karen S. came.
    I am a delegate as I asked Kathleen Hazelton after she ran.
    I would like to go with someone when the convention comes up …maybe Beth Ahlers…or ? as I have never been and would like to be more informed when I go.
    I also, am very much for the Convention of States and have supported them and tried to rally support for them for a number of years. Anyway, Loislee, reply as you want to any of my comments…I just appreciate your email!!
    Jill Davis

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