Regime propagandists unable to hide the coming electoral disaster for Democrats

Chuck Todd: New NBC Poll “Red Flag For the Democrats” Ahead of Midterms – 71% of Americans Say US is on the “Wrong Track”

This is double good news.  First because the situation has become so dire on the ground that the Propaganda Machine won’t risk its few remaining shreds of credibility by trying to cover it up.  Which means that even the low information voter is beginning to twig to fact that the Revolutionary Junta has failed catastrophically to advance the welfare of the people or the interests of the nation.  We have all known it, but now it has become general knowledge.  This is the beginning of a preference cascade that is sweeping the nation.  Get the fork ready, the Donks are done.

This is very good news as it suggests that unless the November 8 election results reflect this the electorate will immediately know that they’ve been robbed.  The falsification of election results can only be carried off if the people are unaware of it.  But following the result of the 2020 election and the questions as to their legitimacy, which questions have not only failed to fade away as the Dem’s plan suggested they would, the discussion has only grown as the public becomes more and more aware of the anomalies.  We the People are watching.

Should they attempt another ham-fisted rig on the scale of 2020 it will become immediately obvious and the people will demand investigations the Dems cannot afford to have happen.  They must either take their medicine now and hope to recover in time for the 2024 election (ain’t happening) or face exposure as illegitimate frauds and be run out of office in many venues.

Your Irascible Correspondent is fairly confident that the 2022 election results will be reasonably accurate across most of the country but there will still be massive election ‘fortification’ in California, Colorado Washington State and the the five key Counties that stopped the count last time.

But the Demoncrats can’t afford to lose the majority in the House, much less the Senate lest their plans be scotched, and worse, investigated.  This will necessitate the Mother of all October Surprises.

Don’t get cocky.  Buckle up.  Stay alert, stay away from crowds and keep you clothes and your guns where you can find them in the dark.

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