Recognizing the Armenian Genocide

In the tradition of our beloved Republican President,  Ronald Reagan,

Glendale Burbank/Crescenta Valley Republican Assembly
honors April 24th and joins our Armenian Brothers and Sisters in recognition and commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.
We offer our prayers that this shall never happen again.
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This is an incredibly detailed and poignant journal of one young man’s journey as an “exile” in captivity during the Genocide, “…from his birth in Hadjin, to Jerusalem College in Konia, Exile to Adana, then Aleppo in 1915.  Description of march and escape into Aleppo.” (inside flap). If you have heard snippets of family stories, and would like to fill in the missing pieces, the index of this amazing story of facts contains family names of people  and their stories, whom the author met during the “exile.”

This amazing memoir is also a resource book and reference for ancestry for the younger generations in search of a  history that should not remain un-spoken; a history that should be passed down through generations of the proud Armenian people who have survived and continue to thrive in spite of their genocidal atrocity at the hands of the Ottoman Turks.

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