Rebuilding the GOP

America is in a pickle in large part because of the the failure of GOP leadership to effectively resist and repulse the political agenda of the Democratic Party, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Communism International.  We see this on the national stage, we see it in California, we see it in Los Angeles County.  Granted that politics is a dirty game, it is clear that GOP leadership has dedicated itself to stand across the Marxist juggernaut shouting “Slow down!” followed by “Well, OK then, so long as we get a place at the taxpayer funded trough.”

Back in 2009 when your Irascible Correspondent first began getting politically active, I was proud to associate myself with the Tea Party.  This was the first conservative grass roots movement in many years to demand the restoration fiscal and cultural sanity to the Republic.  The Democrats hated it, of course, and mobilized every propaganda organ to destroy it.  Those efforts did not ultimately undermine it, which repudiated all that the radical left advocated and remained enthusiastic and determined despite the vicious and baseless attacks.  What did the Tea Party in was something else.

The Tea Party naturally turned to the Republican Party as the organized political cody that at least nominally opposed the Democrats.  The GOP was happy to welcome the Tea Party’s enthusiasm, seeing them as a force to help them win elections.  And indeed the Tea Party provided GOP candidates with volunteers, contributions and votes, and not a few Republican candidates won elections running as Tea Party conservatives.  To be fair, some GOP politicians did stand by their declared principles, but most did not.  In the end the Tea Party realized that it had been exploited by the institutional GOP, then betrayed.  It was this betrayal by the GOP that scuppered the Tea Party.

But the issues that galvanized the Tea Party were still extant, and worsening.  GOP majorities in the House and Senate paid lip service to conservative causes, but systematically surrendered to the Democrat initiatives that were driving the the country leftward into Socialism.  It was apparent that the Democrat and Republican Parties were partners, using the Scissors Strategy to advance Socialism in the United States.  Conservative Americans who valued the traditional values of Faith, Family, Freedom and authentic Representative Government were in despair, trying to fight a rear guard action to stave off the destruction of the Republic without a unified voice or a political party that would represent them.

Enter Donald Trump, a man with great strengths and great weaknesses who would not back down when challenged on leftist pieties and strongly reiterated his commitment to a strong America based on those very things the left most sought to destroy.  Strong borders, a strong economy, lower taxes, energy independence, no more foreign wars, cut regulations, support for Christian values, the very things that the Tea Party had been clamoring for.  In short, he promised to make America great again.  Then he went and actually kept his promises, or tried to, despite having to fight his own Party as well as the Democrats.  This made him wildly popular with tens of millions of Americans who prior the the 2020 election expressed their support to an extent I have never seen or heard of.

Then came the 2020 election, so proudly “fortified” by the Democrats, their allies in the Deep State, unnamed foreign powers, and elements within the Republican Party.  Here in Los Angeles County the LAGOP gave not one iota of support to conservative Republican candidates.  No endorsements, no money, no organizing expertise, no voter contact software, no support or encouragement of any kind.  Every single conservative Republican candidate was left high and dry by the Republican political apparatus in Los Angeles County.  Nor was Los Angeles the only place where that situation obtained, either in California or the nation at large.  We saw the same thing during the recent Newsom recall effort.

For months during the lead up to the Recall your Irascible Correspondent attempted to contact my local Republican Central Committee (I don’t reside in AD 43 as do most of my loyal readers) to no avail.  Finally in June, after repeated urging by a Central Committee member in a different Assembly District, my local Republican Chairman contacted me to say that they were shutting down in July and would get busy in August.  August came and went – nada.  Oh, LAGOP put out calls for training, to which I responded, but somehow the trainings never seemed to materialize.

What we have here is an abject failure of leadership.  The Good Book tells us that we are to pray for our leaders.  I confess that I have not been praying for the leaders of the GOP at any level other than when Trump was in office.  I have not prayed for my local, County or State GOP leadership, and this is a grave error on my part.  Therefore I commit in your presence today, to pray for these people faithfully for the next 40 days.  I will pray that the GOP leadership will be strengthened and become true servants of the People and the Republic.  I will leave it up to the LORD to figure out what that means, and to bring it about however He sees fit.  I ask each of you to join me in whatever way seems good to you, that the LORD will build the house with us, for without Him all we do is in vain.  If you are so moved, please invite those you know to join this prayer campaign for the good of the People, the Republic and the glory of His Name.

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  1. This article is spot on. Some conservatives in my state have taken to working independently of the party; however, there is no real success without its machinery. So I’m thinking, maybe the solution is to reform the party from within….

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