President Trump’s ice cream birthday tailgate with Eric Early


The Glendale Burbank Crescenta Valley Republican Assembly is honored to sponsor President Trump’s ice cream birthday tailgate with Eric Early on Sunday, June 14, 2020.

Eric Early will be there in person, so come chat with him and enjoy the ice cream.

When: Sunday June 14, 2020

Time: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Where: La Crescenta Women’s Club
4004 La Crescenta Ave.
Glendale, CA  91214


4 Comments on “President Trump’s ice cream birthday tailgate with Eric Early

  1. It is like moving the mountain. Republican in Ca? That would be my dream came thru. I am in the San Fernando valley. We have another cloyn here. The guy I dispise..Try to remove that one
    The Republicans in Ca have very little chance. We are doomed here

    • I’m not sure about that, Dora. We have allowed ourselves to be beat down mostly because we did not organize against the culture war. We let the Donks yank the rug out from under us on culture and because we didn’t fight what most people were interested in, preferring to talk about fiscal policy etc, (my view of it) we had no real credibility. And, because we are respectable people, we would not stoop to use the Alinsky tactics against them; that would have lowered us to where they were. It took them many years to gut CA, now they are destroying themselves. We have an edge if we are willing to exploit it. Even so it will take many years before we can turn this ship around.

      Here at GBRA we asked for volunteers, we have 36 people hold up their hands so far, an unprecedented number for such a small club (but growing rapidly – we have more than tripled our membership in the last year despite the plannedemic.).

  2. I would like to attend, and want to bring a few friends.
    I saw Eric at the KFI 640 radio broadcast recently, and got a sign, without a frame, for my friend in La Canada.

    I’m on the Ventura County republican central committee, and want to bring another friend who is on the Los Angeles Central committee

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