On the path to victory

Your Irascible Correspondent does not grow despondent when viewing the disarray in the conservative movement, the Republican Party or the nation in general.  Which is not to say that I am not extremely frustrated, I am!  But I am not discouraged,

“But IC,” you will say to me, everything is a mess, it is all falling apart!  You must be totally out of touch with reality!”  No, sir, if I were not in touch with reality I would not be frustrated.  Yes, there are lots of big messes, but some of those are being cleaned up.  Yes, a lot of stuff is falling apart, but we are coming together.  This will become more evident as the truth about so much we have been and are being lied to about becomes known.

Did you watch 2000 Mules?  Does that not shed light on foul deeds done in darkness?  Yes, it is being ignored in the drive by media, yes is being pulled of of wokester social media almost – almost – as fast as people post it.  Yes, Fox won’t let the name ‘2000 Mules’ be mentioned on air, not even Tucker is allowed to say it.  Yet it has been uploaded and discussed over 500 times on Bitchute, over 4000 times on Twitter (thank you Elon Musk) in the last HOUR, who knows how many times on Rumble, and all the other social media channels on the right.  The word is out, and it isn’t going away.  The silent majority is rapidly becoming the silent minority.

“One documentary won’t change the world,” you say.  You’re right, one documentary won’t.  In fact, there is no single silver bullet that will.  ‘2000 Mules’ is just one ordinary (but rather large caliber) bullet among millions of others.  Every time you – yes, YOU – speak the truth, publish the truth or simply point to the truth you have just let fly another bullet against the ghouls of the Revolutionary Junta, their allies and their plans.  The volume of fire is increasing every day.  We are winning.

If you need any further proof that we are winning, just look at them.  They daily grow more desperate because they never considered that simply by falsifying the 2020 election they could not command our consent.  They thought that they could declare victory and by feeding us a narrative of lies we would be controlled and quiescent and trapped.  We aren’t trapped, more and more of us are recognizing their lies.  They know this and are terrified.

Their nightmare is that we will rise in wrath and tear them to pieces; it is after all what they would do.  At the same time they want some of us to rise up in violence so there would be a pretext to declare martial law and go after us at gunpoint.  This we must absolutely not do.  If anybody starts that kind of talk cut them off and disavow them.  Such people are fools or enemy agents provocateur.  Have nothing whatever to do with them.

This does not mean we should be passive, oh, no, no, no!  America’s enemies demand that Patriots be silent and submissive.  That we must never do, that is death!  Continue to resist their unconstitutional mandates.  Continue to contradict their lies.  Continue to mock their stupid ideas.  Continue to speak the truth and let the chips fall where they may.  This is the path to victory.  Follow it.

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