On the next Governor of California

Of course Gavin “Noisome” Newsom wants to be Governator again.  As one of Klaus Schwab’s Young World Leaders, Gavin the Golden Boy, I’m sure, feels fully entitled to continue to infest the Governor’s mansion in Sacramento.  He’s going to be tough to unseat, given that he has the World Economic Forum’s seal of approval and is awash in Soros money.

Last Autumn (or thereabouts) I was privileged to attend the California Republican Assembly’s Endorsing Convention for Governor prior to the Gavin Newsom recall election.  The convention selected Larry Elder and endorsed him.  A number of patriotic Republicans put their names in the ring, but despite the undoubted excellence of those people the Convention felt that Larry Elder would be the man with the best shot at beating Golden Boy Noisome and governing as a true conservative.

Now that it is clear the Larry Elder is not going to run, Republicans must choose someone who can do two things: 1. knock Golden Boy Noisome out and 2. govern as a true principled conservative.

Your Irascible Correspondent is a man with a jaundiced eye, who looks askance at all politicians (as all right thinking people do), and who considers deeds more weighty than words.  Thus it was that I came to support Donald Trump in 2016, not because his words were so pleasing, but because often his words lacked the sweet polish that conceal true thoughts.  He shocked us by telling us what he really thought.

Many didn’t like that, and for sure he drove the Democrats insane (I consider that the mark of a true conservative Republican).  Besides driving the Democrats to gibbering fits of screaming apoplexy, his background was in business, not government or law.  I mostly agreed with his policy prescriptions and was very gratified when he mostly carried them out despite bitter opposition from the Democrats, the Deep State and elements in his own Party.  He fought, actually fought for America, and showed us what we could do and be.

So in listening to the various contenders last Autumn, I was listening for several things.  Someone with a vision for California that would embrace all Californians.  Someone with a passion for and knowledge of the US Constitution and the America’s love of freedom.  Someone with enough spine to declare their principles without apology or compromise.  Someone with enough fury to take on the Democrat machine without fear and without flagging.  Someone with intelligent, workable ideas and the capacity to put them into action.  Somebody with real world experience and success in something other than law or government.

All of the patriotic people there that day had elements of those things, most of them earned my respect, even admiration.  Only one clearly stood out in my mind then and still stands out today.  That one is Jenny Rae Le Roux.  I am looking forward to hearing her again when she comes to the La Crescenta Women’s Club on Thursday the 21st of April.  You too are cordially invited.

What: Program with catered dinner
When: Thhursday April 21, 2022
Time: 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Where: La Crescenta Women’s Club
Address: 4004 La Crescenta Blvd. La Canada, CA 91214
Entertainment by Sonny Sardo including a meet the candidates forum
NOTE: This is a catered event, all reservations MUST be prepaid.

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