November 8, 2022 voter recommendations


National Election

US Senator (full and short): Mark P Meuser

US Representative 26th. Matt Jacobs

US Representative 27th. Mike Garcia

US Representative 28th. Wes Hallman

US Representative 30th. Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy

US Representative 32nd. Lucie Lapointe Volotzky

US Representative 36th. Derrick R. Gates

US Representative 37th. Baltazar Fedalizo

US Representative 38th. Eric Ching


Governor: Brian Dahle

Lt. Governor: Angela E Underwood-Jacobs

Secretary of State: Rob Bernosky

Controller: Lanhee J Chen

Treasurer: Jack M. Guerrero

Attorney General: Nathan Hochman

Insurance Commissioner: Robert Howell

Member St. Bd. Equi. Dis. 3. G. Rick Marshall

Member St. Bd. Equi. Dis. 4. Mathew Harper

Super. Public Instruction. Lance Christensen

State Measure 1: Unlimited abortion NO

State Measure 26: In-person gambling NO

comment: no significant income to state

State Measure 27: On-line wagering NO

comment: give away $$ to special interests

State Measure 28: Add $ music/arts public schools NO

comment: CAGOP neutral, LAGOP opposed but both agree w music/arts; a new tax should be done by legislature not constitutional amendment.

Largest budget % now constitutionally guaranteed for schools, allocated from existing bloated budget, spend efficiently

State Measure 29: Licensed Med at Dialysis NO

comment: 3rd try, special interests, costs up

State Measure 30: Incr tax on $2M income for 0-emission vehicles, etc. NO

comment: will impact most small businesses; allocate $ to priorities do not make constitutional amendments (lower vote % threshold to pass and harder to change).

State Measure 31: Prohibit sale flavored tobacco products NO

comment: laws already on books, don’t use constitutional amendments.

Patricia Guerrero, Supreme Court Chief Justice NO

Goodwin Liu, Supreme Court Assoc Justice NO

Martin J Jenkins, Supreme Court Assoc Justice NO

Joshu P Groban, Supreme Court Assoc Justice NO

Frances Rothschild, Supreme Court Assoc Justice NO

Laurence D Rubin, Presiding CoA 2nd Dist, Div 5 NO

Maria E Stratton, Presiding CoA 2nd Dist, Div 8 NO

Judith M Ashmann, Assoc CoA 2nd Dist, Div 2 YES

Luis A Lavin, Assoc CoA 2nd Dist, Div 3 NO

Audrey B Collins, Assoc CoA 2nd Dist, Div 4 NO

Brian S Currey, Assoc CoA 2nd Dist, Div 4 NO

Lamar W Baker, Assoc CoA 2nd Dist, Div 5 NO

Hernaldo J Baltodano, Assoc CoA 2nd Dist, Div 6 NO

John L Segal, Assoc CoA 2nd Dist, Div 7 NO

John Shepard Riley, CoA 2nd Dist, Div 8 NO

Elizabeth Annette Grimes, CoA 2nd Dist, Div 8 YES

CA State Senate 20th. Ely Da La Cruz Ayao

CA State Senate 24th. Kristina Irwin

CA State Senate 26th. Claudia Agraz

CA State Senate 28th. Joe Lisuzzo

CA State Senate 30th. Mitch Clemons

CA State Assembly 40th. Suzette Martinez Valladares

CA State Assembly 41st. Mike McMahon

CA State Assembly 42nd. John Briscoe

CA State Assembly 43rd. Siaka Massaquoi

CA State Assembly 44th. Barry Jacobsen

CA State Assembly 45th. Joseph Martinez

CA State Assembly 46th. Dana Caruso

CA State Assembly 47th. Greg Wallis

CA State Assembly 48th. Ryan Maye

CA State Assembly 49th. Burton Brink

CA State Assembly 51st. Susanne M. Reyto

CA State Assembly 50th. Sheela Stark

CA State Assembly 53rd. Toni Holle

CA State Assembly 54th. Elaine Alaniz

CA State Assembly 55th. Keith Cascio

CA State Assembly 56th. Jessica Martinez

CA State Assembly 58th. Bernard William Murphy

CA State Assembly 59th. Philip Chen

CA State Assembly 61st. James Spencer

CA State Assembly 62nd (unexpired). Robert Pullen-Miles

CA State Assembly 65th. Lydia Gutierrez

CA State Assembly 66th. George Barks

LA County

LA County Sheriff. Alex Villanueva

LA County Assessor. Jeff Prang

LA County Supervisor. Dist 3. Roxanne Beckford Hoge

LA Superior Court. Office 3. Tim Rueban

LA Superior Court. Office 60. Abby Baron

LA Superior Court. Office 67. Ryan Dibble

LA Superior Court. Office 70. Rene Yolanda Chang

LA Superior Court. Office 90. Melissa Lyons

LA Superior Court. Office116. David R. Gelfound

LA Superior Court. Office 118. Keith Koyano

LA Superior Court. Office 151. Karen Brako

LA Superior Court. Office 156. Carol Elswick

LA Unified School Dist 4. Tracey Schroeder

Los Angeles City

LA City Mayor. No LAGOP Recommendation Caruso (personal)

LA City Attorney. NO LAGOP recommendation Kevin James (personal)

LA City Council 11th. No LAGOP recommendation Parks (personal)

La Canada Flintridge School Board: Vote for Debra Barsom ONLY.  The other 3 candidates are all endorsed by the Teachers Union, cast no vote for any of them.

Burbank City General Municipal Election – City Council (Vote for 3) – Sharon Springer, Zizette Mullins, Carmenita Helligar

Burbank Unified School District Governing Member (Vote for 2) – Larry Applebaum, Michael Morgan

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