November 13 BBQ with Dennis Prager a great success

Last Sunday’s Annual BBQ featuring Dennis Prager was a huge success!  The grounds a Jeffers Estate were packed with over 300 guests who came to hear the great man speak had a great time eating fantastic BBQ.   With nearly 300 people in attendance the mood of the crowd was happy and excited despite recent events.  New friendships were made and old ones renewed.  Personal views on a wide variety of topics were freely shared in an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding.

Mr. Prager arrived at the appointed hour and was fulsomely introduced by Past GBRA President Sonny Sardo.  His remarks touched on many subjects, always bringing in his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Mr. Eric Early, most recently Republican candidate for Attorney General, spoke passionately about the value of our Republican form of government and the need to continue to strengthen it.






Mrs. Beth Wong Ahlers, who won her race for City Council last December, announced that she would be running for the California Senate in CA 25 come 2024.




Adien Chau, who was instrumental in getting out the Asian vote for Barton Brink, spoke powerfully on what must be done to turn California Red again.  At only 16 he is going to be name to reckoned with in coming years.








Special information tables were present to further acquaint guests with information about the efforts of Turning Point USA and School Choice, and a generous vendor who made conservative gear available at reasonable prices.

A hearty thank you from GBRA for all of you who turned up and made the days the great success it was.  A special thanks to all our speakers, and particular thanks to all our volunteers.

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