New leadership in the Los Angeles GOP – reason for hope

Your Irascible Correspondent attended an event this Sunday which should be of great interest and a source for great hope for every Republican, indeed for every sane citizen of Los Angeles County.

We all know what a goat rodeo the GOP has become at every level.  I, like many of you, was convinced that the GOP nationally was nothing more than a Potemkin Party, controlled opposition allowed to exist to provide a fig leaf of legitimacy to the Democrat Party, which has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Communism International.  Certainly the Party leadership has consistently shown itself more interested in securing their place at the ever flowing trough of taxpayer dollars than advancing the interests of the nation or the GOP base.  Locally, LAGOP operatives have been more interested in controlling their own little piece of turf and squabbling among themselves than advancing Republican candidates and policies.

The inevitable result was what we have been seeing, the total collapse of the party organization, its absolute fecklessness as a political force and the utter demoralization of Republicans in Los Angeles County.  The Party leadership failed to carry out the charge entrusted to them and betrayed the Republican rank and file.  Last year the LAGOP was flat on its face.

Based on what I saw yesterday in a private meeting with the new LAGOP leadership team, that is changing.

I, along with GBRA President Lois Billings, GBRA Membership Chair Diana Kronfli and GBRA Vice President Lou Barnett, met Tim O’Reilly, the newly elected LAGOP Chairman, First Vice Chair Siaka Masaquoi and Secretary Arianna Assenmacker.  I am here to tell you that the game has changed.  The new LAGOP leadership team has a realistic understanding of the GOP’s situation in Los Angeles County, and the bones of a sound plan to restore the Republican Party in Los Angeles, to recruit and elect suitable candidates to office and to make the Republican Party a force capable of beating the Dems in L.A. County.

The LAGOP is recovering from a near death experience.  It is going to take time and a lot of work and a lot of money to get it back on its feet.  I do not want to understate the condition the Party is in here in L.A.  It is very weak.  Whatever the failures of the previous administration, that is water under the bridge.  Now we must rebuild.

We have a strong leadership team that has formulatee a  clear vision and a viable strategy.  We have a population that is waking up to the danger posed by the Marxist agenda on the Democrats.  Between these two we have us, the loyal Republicans who have been holding on for all these years, and who know, with absolute conviction, that only sound Republican principles can save this County, this State and this Nation.

Don’t wait for the LAGOP to tell you what to do, this is Tim O’Reily’s word to us, if you have an idea, implement it.  We are the Party of individual liberty, we are the Can Do people.  We don’t depend of top down hierarchies to tell us what to do.  We are the backbone of America, who see what needs doing at the local level, organize our neighbors and get the job done.

The Good Book tells us that strength is perfected in weakness.  I have good news.  We have weakness!  So get on your knees and beg the Almighty for wisdom and fortitude, “strengthen your weak knees and drooping hands” and get to work.

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