Never forget

By the late 1970’s your Irascible Correspondent was in great fear for the Republic because by that time a new generation of voters was hitting the polls that had no memory of the assassination of President Kennedy.  As the years roll on America trusts herself and her future to new generations who have no personal memory of the pivotal events of the past.  It is, I suppose, one of the perennial grumbles of the old about those young whippersnappers, forgetting as always that those whippersnappers are inheriting the world we made from the material bequeathed to us.  September 11, 2001 is now receding from the national consciousness in exactly this way.


The shock and horror of that day will not fade from the memory of those of us who lived through it.  Not so the grief and rage and sense of national solidarity and burning determination that followed.  In the days and months after the events of that day, we were reminded that we were one people, with bonds to one another deeper than flesh and bone, bonds of heart and mind and spirit.  We were reminded that we are a great people, a people who face hard reality with great courage, great love and great resourcefulness, capable of great things even in the midst of disaster.

But we were not all one people, there were those among us who were horrified more by the sense of national unity and national pride than by fall of the Twin Towers.

Right away they began to explain to us how the evens of 9/11 were actually our own fault, that the unity we felt was actually a crime against the violent ideologues that attacked us, that the real enemy was President George W. Bush, that traditional American culture and values were sins that needed to extirpated from our consciousness, and that traducing America in order to save America was true patriotism.  Despite this we re-elected President Bush.  Then, to expiate our sins we put Barry the Lightworker Soetoro Obama in the Oval Office from whence he initiated the Great American Apology Tour and accelerated the Destroy America Agenda™.

On November 3, 2020 the Election Fortification, a disaster for America and the world that dwarfs the events of September 11, 2001, Americans are again waking up to the nightmare and refusing to accept the outcome our enemies have prepared for us.  Just as the doomed first responders of Flight 93 and the NYFD charging the burning towers, the hundreds of medical personnel waiting in vain for thousands of wounded that never came, or the American Dunkirk that evacuated a million people from Manhattan Island by boat, so now it is our turn to rise to greatness, defy our enemies and achieve victory despite all that a cruel and vindictive enemy can do.

It has been said before and bears repeating: America is at war.  This is not a war of uniformed armies with thundering weapons clashing on land, sea and air. For over 70 years the Marxists have conducted a covert war against us by means of infiltration, subversion and propaganda.  Following the installation of the Revolutionary Junta that war has come out of the shadows.  We recognize them for the satanic death cult they have always been but no longer bother to conceal.  This is a stealth war conducted in and for the minds of men.  Our weapons are not guns and bombs, but relentless truth exposing them for all to see, an obstinate yet peaceful refusal to acquiesce to our own destruction and a quiet, steadfast trust God whose sons and daughters we are.

Just as we stood up from the tears and ashes of 9/11 so too will we rise from the horror that engulfs us now.  We are Americans, we are winning and we will pass the torch of Liberty we received on to our own descendants.

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