Myths and misinformation making the rounds prior to the November 2022 election

Back on September we 13 posted on some of the myths and misinformation making the rounds in Republican circles leading into election season under the title: Would You Intentionally Let A Stranger Vote Your Ballot for You?  That particular post dealt with the notion that you can make sure your vote counts if you not only fill in the oval but circle it and/or draw arrows pointing to the ovalss you marked.  Why is this a problem?  What could be clearer?  To answer that you need to know a bit about how the voting machines work.

We are told that the machines “only read the ovals.”  This is not strictly true.  The machine actually scans the area around the oval too.  This is to allow for slight variations in how the ballot is fed into the machine.  Maybe it goes in a little to the right or left, or maybe the ballot is, through no fault of the operator, fed a little ahead or behind of the expected rate.   It is a machine.  It is programmed to recognize only certain things, ovals.  It knows whether or not the oval has been filled in and how much of the oval has been filled in.  Anything outside of that it does not recognize.  It sees it, but does not recognize it.  So when it sees stray marks it ‘thinks’ “I don’t know what this is,”  and kicks it over to adjudication.  It doesn’t count it, or anything else on the ballot.  It kicks the whole thing out.

Adjudication means that a human has to look at the ballot and determine what the voter meant.  So the election worker has a look at it and makes a decision as to what the wanted to do, fills out a replacement ballot and submits that to the machine to be counted.  Of course the system depends on the honesty and competence of the election worker.  Here in Los Angeles County 80% of election workers are Democrats.  It should be 50/50, but this is Los Angeles.  Perhaps there are voters out there who are perfectly happy to trust the election worker to figure it out, but I’m not.  Use your best judgement.

The rationale presented for circling otherwise emphasizing the voted oval is so that you can know that your vote counted.  As if you are ever going to sift through the millions of other ballots, find yours and verify the “VOTED” stamp on it.  Dream on.  First, no ballot, by law, is allowed to have printed on it any information that could identify the voter.  Even if you ever saw it there is nothing to tell you that it is yours other than the stray marks you put on it.  Second, you will never be allowed access to the ballots unless you are a member of a team conducting a forensic audit.  All the system will ever tell you is whether you voted or not.  If you put marks on your ballot it will be counted.  Your ballot counted alright, but was it your vote in the end?

Now as to early voting.  Yes, you can certainly complete your mail in ballot and send it in, and it will be counted.  Great!  This in itself is not a problem.  Now let’s have a look at some of the tricks the Demoncrats use to cheat arrive at a predetermined outcome to elections.

We all know that they never clean up the voter rolls.  This is so that they can have a mass of voters, most of them ineligible to vote because they have moved out of their precincts, counties or even left the state entirely, and especially those who have passed on to etherial realms.  A lot of them are purely imaginary, living in vacant lots, parks, parking lots, demolished buildings and public monuments.  These are very useful for ‘fortifying’ elections that might otherwise deliver an unwanted result.  Mail in ballots are sent to all these people knowing that they will be returned.  These returned ballots are useful as they can be removed from the envelope, voted by a dedicated team and then submitted as if a legal voter had actually voted.  These ballots are properly filled out and so are sure to pass muster with the voting machines.  Many voters who show up at the polls have been told, “You can’t vote, you already voted.”  This is why.  We published this information in a post dated May 7, 2022, entitled How to ensure your own personal election integrity and the sanctity of your vote with a proposal for an effective solution.

We also know about statistics.  Statistics are a very powerful tool for understanding large groups of anything, including voters, real and imaginary.  So going into any election the people running the election have a very good idea of who among the set of real people is NOT going to vote, and those who regularly do.  These get added into the pool of available emergency voters.   All this is absolutely nailed down prior to election day.  The wild card is election day.  Nobody knows with certainty what the electorate will do on election day.  Democrats like early voting because it helps reduce the uncertainty inherent in election day and enables them to prepare sufficient emergency votes to tip the margin of victory in their favor.

Personally, your Irascible Correspondent would rather surprise them by legally tipping the margin of victory in our favor.

This is why voting in person on election day is so important.  Some years ago Hugh Hewitt wrote a book entitled “Its Not Close If They Can’t Cheat;” it is just as true today as it was when he wrote it in 2012.  We must overwhelm them at their most vulnerable point, election day.This is how Kari Lake won the primary of Governor of Arizona.  The Republicans and Conservatives came out in droves on election day, and were prepared with their own pens to avoid the “Sharpie-Gate” trick.

Following election day 2020 we immediately knew something horrible and evil had happened.  Across the nation Republicans and Conservatives began to try and figure out what happened.  As a result a number of people with absolutely no qualifications proclaimed themselves election experts and set about “helping.”  The fact that they had absolutely no qualifications did not deter them from earning a lot of money on the speaking circuit and of undercutting each other and knowledgeable people who were actually doing useful and productive work. As a result five of the six full forensic audits that were proposed were cancelled in favor of cheaper quick fixes which have all fizzled.  Thus irreplaceable time was lost and opportunities squandered.  Only in Maricopa County, Arizona has a forensic audit been performed, the first in our nation’s history.  The recommendations proposed here are the fruit of what has been learned in the last 23 months of agony and struggle.

It has not been without cost.  Apart from the damage done by the Let’s Go Brandon mail order maladministration there have been assassinations, attempted assassinations, patriots driven into bankruptcy and penury, wrongful imprisonments and ongoing ruinous litigation.  Each of us must do our part to put a stop to this madness.

I’ll do my part.  Will you do yours?

Here are some more election hacks in the video.

Poll Watcher Tricks, Shenanigans and Ballot Counting Buffoonery Continue in Midterms

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