MUST SEE INTERVIEW: Michael Yon on Del Bigtree’s HighWire

Michael Yon is well worth paying attention to as he is a trained independent observer bringing to the world’s attention what the Propaganda Press will never show you.

Set aside an hour and hash it out — research these topics as you go.

Key concepts:

Nitrogenous fertilizers — Nordstream

Europe, Asia — the disintegrating components

PanFaWar – Pandemic, Famine, War

HOP – Human Osmotic Pressure (drivers of migration)

Information Warfare

Atomization of society

WEF Cult – Control over governments

Tri-state city – Netherlands, Belgium, Germany — Superstate

SRD — Substitution, Replacement, Disruption of food supply

DIY PhD program in ‘Famineology’

The Rape of the Mind

Networking & community building


Too many other topics covered to list — well worth listening to in full.

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The only cult you’ll never see is the cult you’re in.

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