More Dem election manipulation of the ballots

Two instances of ballot manipulation, which would be remarkable scandals in an honest election system.  But not in America’s election system, which is clearly being “fortified” to “protect” democracy by preventing a “wrong result.”

First, The Gateway Pundit:

Here we go… Republican US Senate Candidate Kathy Salvi released a statement this week after the Schulyer County ballots omitted her name.

Kathy Salvi said: “On Tuesday, October 11th, it was brought to my attention that ballots drafted by the Schuyler County Board of Elections, and approved by the Illinois State Board of Elections, incorrectly listed one of my primary opponents as the Republican nominee for United States Senate. Our campaign legal team immediately took action and worked with the Schuyler County State’s Attorney. While we came to the best remedy – to sequester the hundreds of ballots that were distributed – this does not solve the most pressing problem of election integrity and transparency.”

“Illinois voters need to have confidence in our elections and this unacceptable error does absolutely nothing to provide that comfort. There needs to be accountability at the county level for this mistake and with the Illinois Board of Elections for approving the ballots. Voters spoke during the June primary and now they are being disenfranchised, period. We need answers from our election officials as to how this happened and transparency to show inaccurate ballots have not been approved elsewhere in the state,” concluded Salvi.

In response to the inaccurate ballots approved by both Schulyer County and Illinois state officials, distributed to over 300 Schuyler County voters, and returned by 45 voters as of October 12th, the Schuyler County State’s Attorney has agreed to sequester any inaccurate ballots returned to the County.

For some reason, this tends to keep happening to Republican candidates. Weird, huh?

The Blaze reported:

Some early voters have already cast their ballots in Schuyler County, Illinois, despite Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kathy Salvi’s name not being listed as a choice. Instead of Salvi’s name, the name of her defeated primary opponent Peggy Hubbard is listed on the ballot as an option. Salvi won the seven-way Republican primary on June 28 by a significant margin.

Salvi, who seeks to unseat the incumbent Democrat Sen. Tammy Duckworth, is demanding accountability, claiming that the proposed remedial efforts do “not solve the most pressing problem of election integrity and transparency” and that voters have “been potentially disenfranchised.” She noted that the issue was brought to her attention on October 11.

“Ballots drafted by the Schuyler County Board of Elections, and approved by the Illinois State Board of Elections, incorrectly listed one of my primary opponents as the Republican nominee for the United States Senate,” said Salvi in a statement issued on Wednesday.

We have grown used to the idea of the voting dead, but now Minneapolis St. Paul has a new twist, the opportunity to vote for a dead candidate!  The MPR News has the story:

The Minnesota Supreme Court announced Monday that Ramsey County can correct ballots incorrectly listing a dead candidate’s name for House District 67A.

On the first day of early voting, election officials noticed the error, but the county had to wait for the Supreme Court to approve the changes. The incorrect ballots were printed with deceased GOP candidate Beverly Peterson’s name instead of the newly-nominated candidate Scott Hesselgrave’s name.

Election officials will mail new ballots to voters who received incorrect absentee ballots and haven’t yet returned their ballots.

The county must also contact any voter who submitted the incorrect ballot so they can receive a replacement, according to the Supreme Court order.

If the voter didn’t choose Peterson, they do not have to fill out a new ballot.

At least 960 incorrect ballots were mailed to voters in St. Paul and at least 13 ballots have been returned to the Ramsey County Elections Office, according to the petition.

Oops!  Just another little mistake.  So sorry.  Tee hee!  I wonder how many other “little mistakes” haven’t been caught yet.

As a result of the forensic audit in Arizona, where it was found that election “irregularities” could be traced down to the precinct level, at least five States have left precinct codes off of ballots in closely contested elections.  Just another little “Oopsie!”  Could happen to anybody.  Except that it hasn’t happened before, strange that it should be widespread just now.  Oh, and if you want to investigate it, which should be easy, it will be made hard.  It is a matter of record who changed the settings on the ballot printing machines by checking the log of which terminal contacted the ballot printing computer and made the change – it COULDN’T have been done by accident – and find out who was using the terminal at that time.  Easy!  But you will have to sue to get information, you watch.

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