Mis-education to destroy the future

The modern American Public Education system is not about education, it is about indoctrination.  We have known about it for a while, and while efforts are ongoing to provide affordable alternatives there has been, to my knowledge, no direct confrontation on the matter between parents and school officials.  Parents are largely unaware of what is being done to their children and the schools are hiding their agendas behind walls of silence.

I know that when California mandated the latest gender ideology program your humble correspondent heard about it from family members of public school teachers: “You won’t believe what they’ve come out with now.”  Yes as distasteful as it may be for many teachers they obey the diktats and teach what they know is odious nonsense.  In the poorest schools they are not simply educating for incarceration, but for revolution.

In the article linked below an anonymous teacher details how it all goes down.


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