Message of Dr. Charles Hoff re: Covid, the vaxx and CA legislation

Dr. Hoff’s message is a little dated in so far as the truckers are concerned.  America’s Freedom Convoy turned into a bust so far as I can see, no idea what happened.  There were reports of deep state infiltration, it just seemed to fizzle.

But Dr. Hoff’s message is otherwise on point.  The vaxx has no benefit to anyone who isn’t getting a payday from Big Pharma or is on the take from the Globalists.  At this moment the California Assembly and Senate have before them bills that would complete the enslavement of all Californians with a heaping helping of mass murder.  Of course these legislators get a big payday when they get 100% compliance from the federal Covid relief funds.

Here are details of the California ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Relief Fund):
CALIFORNIA $15,079,696,097 | Submitted ESSER State plan | Approved State Plan | Plans for ESSER Plan use.

Below is a list of legislation they intend to pass in order to get their slice of the ESSER (and other) pie:

SB 871 would require all children 0 to 17 to get the COVID-19 vaccine to attend child care or school
SB 866 would allow kids 12 to 17 to get the COVID-19 vaccine without parental consent
SB 1479 would require schools to continue testing and to create testing plans
SB 1018 would require online platforms to be more transparent about how information is pushed out to consumers
SB 1464 would force law enforcement officials to enforce public health orders
AB 1993 would require all employees, including independent contractors, to show proof of COVID-19 vaccine to work in California
AB 1797 would make changes to the California Immunization Record Database
AB 2098 would reclassify the sharing of COVID-19 “misinformation” by doctors and surgeons as unprofessional conduct that would result in disciplinary action
SB 920 Authorizes medical board investigations to impact businesses including patient records
SC 1100 Authorizes members of legislative body to remove an individual for interrupting a meeting

Click here to find out more about these bills.

The decision to passively accept or actively resist slavery rests with each one of us and will be measured by your actions.  Good intentions are the paving stones on the road to Hell.

Call and email your representative to oppose these Unconstitutional Bills that are a danger to humanity!

Find your Local Representative, CLICK HERE.


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Your Irascible Correspondent is no Paul Revere, but I beg you, get the word out, share this post.

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