Message from GBRA President to our membership

Dear GBRA Members and Supporters,

This has been a long, cold Fall and Winter Season. We feel chill and darkness as Mr. Biden has stated it would be a “dark winter.” However the only darkness I see is the spot where Our President once served the American people from his rightful place in the Oval Office.

After the shock of how the election and post election played out, and the inauguration day frenzy of Mr. Biden’s Executive Orders cancelling the successful MAGA agenda that made America Great — ever so briefly, we find ourselves wondering how we discern our way back.

At times like these, we human beings reach out to one another for comfort and commiseration. Many of you have written me with your sadness at the landslide loss and confusion over a path forward. I want to reassure you, there is hope and direction for the future.

We Republicans know there is a Higher Power Who loves and has blessed America because America, like Israel, is a country, imperfect as it is, with a founding rooted in His teachings and words. And as Winter is short-lived, and Spring follows in Glory, we must prepare for new life.

It is important that we come together, hear one another and listen to ideas for a new beginning. After all, Our President said, “This is only the beginning.” With that in mind, GBRA’s board is now planning a general meeting via an online conferencing platform. This will be our opportunity to share and prepare as one big family.

We are asking you, the members of our club, to please come forward if you have the ability and interest to volunteer your time and skills helping with our online conference.

During the campaigns, GBRA’s Patriots volunteered in large numbers. As time goes on, we will be asking you again to help on issues such as the Newsom Recall, a support of Life campaign, as well as a grass roots committee to develop a strong, conservative candidates’ bench for our district. We will join together to clear a better path to a brighter future.

To this end, our needs at the moment are to organize a remote general meeting.

Please contact me through our GBRA email if you wish to help. Stay well and don’t stop believing and hoping.

Wishing you blessings, warmth, sunshine and good health,

Lois Lee

Lois Lee Brand Billings, President

Glendale Burbank/Crescenta Valley Republican Assembly

Contact email:

11 Comments on “Message from GBRA President to our membership

  1. One of the top priorities has to be election reform for the Republicans. Our elections have to be fair and honest where every legal vote counts. This ideally should happen before 22 election. We must be able to TRUST the system

    • John, you are such a beautiful dreamer. If the events of the last few months have demonstrated anything it is that Party of Davos cares about elections only in so far as they provide a facade of legitimacy for the masses. In fact, they neither need nor want voters, they will provide as many phantom voters as needed to insure the right quislings are “elected.” From now on elections are shams, mere window dressing to keep the populace pacified. Which is not to say that they are not a useful tool for Patriots to possibly gain control of the local political machinery. We can an will build on that. But the results of the Federal and State elections will be predetermined.

  2. Thank you Lois for your beautiful and encouraging remarks!❤️ We always have hope …and we can’t give up.
    Things can turn around. It’s happened before and it can happen again.
    Hoping to see everyone in person soon!🙏
    Ina Jean

  3. Hey Lois Lee…

    Your missive was a bit vague. That’s OK, but specifically what do you need from us?

    Please advise/thx.

  4. Thank you for all the hard work you have done.

    It is sad time…but we must keep our faith and know if we stand for good we will prevail.

    Newsome has to go…e is now saying in the LA times today that bad people , activist pushing to have him removed
    not the good people of California..QAon , never hearad of them until the last depate and still don’t have a clue who they are or what they stand for. Nor do I want to.

    Lets bring peace and comfort to America….walks of prayer groups, change lines across America

  5. I am interested in volunteering. Please contact me. I am not a member but will join!
    Thank you
    C. Andrea Mc Comb

  6. Dear Lois,
    My wife, Dagmar and I are new members, but far from new to the evil of Social Democracy and the slavery to fear it imposes.
    As I write to you, we are both at the end of 2 weeks of isolation at home with the CCP Virus. Our German Shepherd, Falco, of 17 years died on Monday, and we had to pay almost 1K dollars to say goodbye to him in our backyard.
    I am a retired sheriff and still working in a second career with USC. I would normally not share our personal pain with you, but your letter touched on what makes us different from them: we accept others for who they are and gladly embrace their strengths, weaknesses, and differing views.
    As far as politics, I walk a thin line, as I’ve walked the thin blue one: being the buffer between extreme emotions, many times exacerbated by human weakness, addictions.
    I am committed to law and order, the Constitution, and my family. As a retiree, it is frightening for me to see that our law enforcement community is compromised, due to fear of personal reprisals, for enforcing the law. A peace officer should know that he or she is taking an oath for a reason, not just to get hired. As proof to this, simply watch how many people stop and look both ways at intersections while driving. They are hiding the statistics on distracted driving while more pedestrians are struck by vehicles daily. The hope for them is driver-less cars: take the decision-making ( and freedom ) from the equation. This lack of enforcement, is breaking down the delicate balance of community and safety.
    In conclusion, we are all living an illusion of peace, simply staying out of each other’s way. Our illegitimate leaders at the highest echelons meanwhile, are corrupt and have sold their souls to the god of power. It is a wonder and testament to God’s love, that we don’t hear more about near misses in the security of our nuclear arsenal. As a child of the 80’s, that’s all we heard about back then. Were we safer back then?
    My wife is much sicker with this man-made virus than I am. It is terrible to watch your family suffer and fear for your elderly.

    Thank you for your message of unity and hope. I need it today and likely will need it tomorrow.

    We will offer our help and support to GBRA once we can stand on our own again, which will be soon.

    We have a republic, if we can keep it.


    Robert and Dagmar

    • Hello Robert and Dagmar,
      You and your wife are THE PEOPLE, and I’m ready to do volunteering because of people like you.
      I’m not knowledgeable about politic, but what I see and hear in media scares me so much.
      Love, and hope

  7. Why dont ulisten in to tom del beccaro on our zoom mtg feb 11? Karen suter sets it up via her son
    Lcwc pres mariannejennings has her own zoom acct and may share for all yr rentals

  8. I would like to know who is being endorsed for Governor if and when Newsom is recalled. I pray that another Democrat does not replace him or we will be in the same boat. I also hope that no RINO’s are up for consideration. Maybe President Trump can be elected Governor to pick up California electors for 2024 and to clean up our swamp. Something to do for 4 years until 2024 elections.

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