Mass media and the plan to destroy the American spirit

Yes, what he says is true.  While Republicans were focusing on important stuff like foreign policy and fiscal policy the Commies were yanking the cultural rug out from under our feet.  I can’t tell you how many fine, intelligent conservative people who told me that fighting the culture war was a waste of time.  Its not too late, only almost too late.  It is imperative that it be opposed now.  There are ways to do it, all that is needed is enough people to stand up, speak up and take action.

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  1. The Left’s Marxist attack on Reason
    The Left’s Marxist plan is to present arguments that are incommensurable with human reasoning. They don’t want you to agree with their arguments. They want you to judge them as ludicrous. That is the point. Each ludicrous position they successfully implement in society has the consequence of rational people questioning the force or efficacy of human reasoning. That’s the point. By chipping away at the public’s confidence in human reasoning being an effective tool to maintain a civil society they reduce the public’s resistance to their subversive goal to destroy civilization as we know it and replace it with a Marxist based totalitarian society led by psychopathic sadists. It is a new kind of warfare that uses the attack on reason to create what Dr. Robert Malone calls ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’. Decouple rational individuals from one another by creating overwhelming free floating anxiety that produces a confusing condition of public hypnotist thereby encouraging the public to obey irrational government demands and irrational peer pressure to conform in order to survive. Why is this tactic effective? Because the individual’s natural instinct to survive under irrational circumstances is to go along with what is in order to focus on day-to-day survival necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and sleep. The way to fight this insidious attack is to realize what they are doing and never lose confidence in your own power of human reasoning. Use it to fight them. Use it to strengthen your ability to be an effective force against them. Use it to generate creative solutions. Use it to protect your best interest. Your life and a rational society is worth protecting. Never lose sight of your power to succeed.
    Richard Poirier
    Studio City, CA

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