Marxist Social Emotional Learning being marketed by Los Angeles Teachers Union

Just over a year ago your Irascible Correspondent posted an article on Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools.  Since that time CRT has been exposed to parents and parents don’t like it.  So of course the radical Marxists in charge of educating radicalizing our children have changed the name of the program to pass it off as something else. Here is last year’s article, just click on it to review.

You’d better believe we teach CRT — and lie to parents about it

I guess they are getting more push back than they can comfortably stand (basically none at all, truth be told), so the Los Angeles Teacher Union has deployed a marketing campaign to get parents on board. Of course the parents have no idea what’s what, but it will mobilize some number of parents to rally to the teachers’ defense.

On York Blvd and Aldama St. Los Angeles, 90042
On York Blvd and Avenue 64, Los Angeles, 90042











Here’s why Social Emotional Learning is a problem.

The article attributed to Ed Morrissey above was published by HotAir dot com on November 4, 2021. The attached video was posted on YouTube dot com by the Washington Free Beacon one year ago, YouTube does not allow for a more precise publication date.
The two photographs were taken by your Irascible Correspondent on his cell phone on December 4, 2022 at the locations described.
The James Lindsay on his New Discourses web site, which he published on YouTube dot com three weeks ago as of this writing. The YouTube dot com address is https colon slash slash www dot youtube dot com slash watch?v=08v5C5DvR14[/embed

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