Maricopa monkey business – election fraud while you wait

UPDATE: The Arizona election results were finally updated yesterday August 4th at 6:48 PM.  Your Irascible Correspondent wonders if all this recent sturm und drang isn’t in part designed to simple demolish our confidence in the electoral process altogether.

As of this writing, 0730 on August 4, 2022, we still don’t know the final results of the August 2 Arizona primary election.  By the way, when you google news about the election results you might notice that the results served up are not current.  Why is that?  To give the system time to fix the results.

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The count was stopped with only 50,000 votes to go.  Those machines could have counted that in an hour.  Can anyone doubt that behind the Maricopa County HQ closed doors (which is now surrounded by a fence – where  have we seen that before)?  Even with all the various ways they tried to rig the election still they have to create extra time to jigger things behind the scenes to push their favored (losing!) candidates over the top and still make it seem “believable.”

You might recall that on election day 2020 Arizona voters were told that they HAD to mark their ballots with Sharpies, which resulted in the ink bleeding through the paper, which resulted in extra marks on the ballot which confused the tabulators, which forced those ballots into adjudication which resulted in an election worker trying to figure out what the voter really meant vote for which meant . . . You can see where this is going.  So this time the Einsteins in Maricopa switched to Pentel pens, so the Sharpies wouldn’t bleed through.  They even put out a deceptive video explaining this.  Have a look:

The supposed ball point which resulted in the smear was actually a gel pen.  The smear on the machine was caused by wet ink on the edge of upper piece.  At the end they show an oval being carefully filled in which would certainly result in bleed through.  This time they used a single sided ballot to the bleed through was not so important (but they are training people for the General).  In the end the Pentel pens, which have a soft tip, were so smashed that they were bleeding out ink even faster so they actually ran out during the day, so they ran out of pens before the day was over.  So it was a good thing that so many Arizona voters were aware of the rig and brought their own ball point pens.

But for many Republicans in four counties that was all academic as these counties ran out of Republican ballots.  Which resulted in many Republican voters waiting in line only to discover that there were no ballots for them – “But don’t worry, we’ve sent for more, they’ll be here in a little while.”  Meanwhile the poor voter hangs around waiting for ballots that never come, gets discouraged and goes home.  Don’t for a moment deceive yourself that ‘it was an accident.’  This is suppressing the vote, the very thing the Donks say they are to afraid of whenever they make a move to ‘liberalize’ the election rules.

Arizonans, as Americans all across the country, have been shocked into consciousness of the election fraud going on right under out noses these many years, the great gift of the 2020 election.  Volunteers to work the 2022 elections are through the roof all across the country.  Everywhere Americans by the million are paying attention to and getting involved in their elections as they never have before.  We are a people far more politically active than at any time since, well, who knows when.

In the long run the corrupt Party system is failing, and what’s worse for them, they are seen to be failing.  They know the end is nigh for them, and they are fighting tooth and nail to hang on their power.

This is a mess that Arizonans will have to sort out, we surely bless them and wish them well.  Theirs is only one battlefield of many.  Will they have the gumption to keep up the fight until their political system is cleansed?  Time will tell.  Only a people committed to liberty and the proposition that all men are created equal can prevail.

Here in California we must build up the fires of the love of liberty and reconsecrate ourselves to the principles that have always made America great.  The Left, call them by whatever name, are dedicated to stripping that love of freedom from us.  To the extent that they have succeeded they have done so because they convinced us that there were things more important that freedom and have convinced us that they knew better what those things are.  That has got to stop.

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