March Primary GBRA recommendations

It took awhile! However, Louis, especially, Bill and Allen contributing, vetted, made calls, did the real heavy lifting to produce this thoroughly researched list. In many cases, such as the DA race, and with Katherine Barger, we are between the devil and the deep blue sea!  So, we hold our noses and exercise what’s left of our democratic process.  In short these are our recommendations for the March 3 primary.

The Glendale Burbank Republican Assembly has either endorsed or is supporting candidates in Burbank, Glendale and adjacent areas of Los Angeles. The California Republican Assembly (CRA) was called the “The conscience of the Republican Party” by Ronald Reagan.

Statewide and countywide candidates and ballot issues are listed first.

For candidates in your area, please see the community candidates and issues that follow.

State wide candidates:

For the Republican nominee for President: President Donald Trump (Endorsed by the CRA)

Congress 28th District: Eric Early (Burbank is split, see below)

State Proposition 13, to authorize $15 Billion in bonds – CRA: Vote No

County Measure R, authorizes a new jail plan that could release more criminals – Vote No

LA County Supervisor – Supervisor Kathryn Barger – recommended

LA County District Attorney – Jackie Lacey – recommended

Los Angeles County Judges:

Superior Court Office No. 42 – Robert ‘Bob’ Villa

Superior Court Office No. 72 – Robert F. Jacobs CHANGED BASED ON NEW INFORMATION TO MORGAN

Superior Court Office No. 76 – Emily Cole

Superior Court Office No. 80 – Nick C. Rini

Superior Court Office No. 97 – Timothy D. Ruben

Superior Court Office No. 129 – Mark MacCarley

Superior Court Office No. 145 – Troy Slaten

Superior Court Office No. 150 – Manuel Alejandro Almada

Superior Court Office No. 162 – David D. Diamond

Burbank City:

Congress 30th District: Mark Reed

Measure I, to place a parcel tax on business and rental property – vote No

Glendale City:

City Council, vote for three: Susan Wolfson, Ardy Kassakhian, and William Keshishyan

Glendale Unified School Board:

Area A – Joy McCreary

Area E – Neda Farid

Glendale Junior College Board, District 1 – Harry Leon

5 Comments on “March Primary GBRA recommendations

  1. I also am anti- prop 13. I talked to William at the event on Wednesday to tell him he was a great orator and drill him on 13. Apparently he was misquoted, but explained a whole system on how to work around prop 13 if passed. I urge you message him on his website and meet him, the kid is a smart one who will do our party great feats. Much better than the ridiculous liberal show trying to destroy our city

    • I was not in on the decisions, but I know the minds of the guys who did the research. The propositions will be decided next week, then its over. Next week someone will fill that office for the next, what, two years? During those two years which candidate is likely to be worse? It is a judgement call on which is the lesser of two evils in the long term. You, of course are encouraged to make your own informed judgement and vote accordingly.

    • In a week the bond issue and Prop 13 will have been decided by the voters, William Keshishyan will have the opportunity to cast one ballot then the issue is decided once and for all. On the following day, and for the next, what, two years? either Keshishyan or his opponent will be installed in office. It is during that time that the real damage will be done. The question, as I see it, is: which candidate is likely to do more damage once elected? In a choice between bad and worse the recommendation is, choose bad, because the alternative is worse. You are, of course, encouraged to do your own investigation and come to your own conclusions and vote your conscience.

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