Making sense of Pootie-poot and Ukraine

Below are some relatively short videos to illustrate points the mainstream propaganda press prefers we not know.  Before we begin, your Irascible Correspondent would like to mention that the US Department of State seems to have scrubbed the information on the 12 to 15 US labs to study ‘world’s most dangerous pathogens’ on Ukrainian soil_ How Russia had raised the bioweapon alarm (pdf file). (You’ll be surprised who started that! U.S. to Aid Ukraine in Countering Bioweapons – The Washington Post)  Putin has complained about these for years and has not made at least some of them go BOOM!

First up, what is the Ukrainian people’s perspective on their own country?  Here is a Ukrainian woman being interviewed on French TV (captions in English).

Next we have a former American Army infantryman laying out the military intelligence side of Russia’s moves.

Finally, Glenn Beck putting some of the pieces together.  I find Beck’s manner annoying, but his info and analysis is solid.

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