Making a list, checking it twice

The face of your neighborhood Gestapo.

One of the things characteristic of Marxist totalitarian regimes is their unerring instinct for identifying political opposition and squashing it, preferably till the blood flows.  Yuri Bezmenov speaks of it, and it was that discovery that led him to defect.  The history of Marxist revolutionary movements demonstrates two things conclusively: that liquidating enemies is a feature of Marxism, not a bug, and that they never run out of enemies.

RedState shows us the beginnings of the Terror in the USA.

Dems Start ‘Enemies List’ To Go After People Who Supported Trump, Including Federal Judges He Appointed.

There are a lot of things to be concerned about if Joe Biden were to win the presidency.

Among the things, as we saw in the lead up to the election, was the big effort to control the dissemination of information, to stop the dissemination about the Biden scandal that might hurt Biden’s chances.

The only thing that ultimately caused Twitter to back off somewhat was that the White House and the Senate called out the actions.

But what happens if the White House and the Senate are controlled by Democrats? Then there is no one to call out or stop full control of what is disseminated.

This isn’t an idle threat. But that’s not all.

Now that some on the left believe that the President has lost and Joe Biden has won, their true colors are coming out.

Not only do they want control information, they want to make you pay if you supported Trump.

Prominent leftists and media folks are talking about making an “enemies list” to go after people.

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin called for making sure that Trump supporters not be allowed to work or accepted into “polite society.”

There’s more at the article worth your attention.

Welcome to the Glorious World of Next Tuesday, comrade.  There are no exemptions for innocuous behavior.  Fight it now because once they load you on the boxcars its too late.

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