“Lived Experience,” Explained by James Lindsay

Episode 22 of James Lindsay’s New Discourses Bullets:


How to counter when someone pulls out the “lived experience” card?  Below is one possibility.  The key is to undermine the value of the “lived experience” argument.

WOKE LUNATIC  You don’t understand/know/appreciate my lived experience.

SANE PERSON   I’m sure your experience was uncomfortable, but that is just anecdotal evidence.

WOKE LUNATIC  But it proves that you don’t understand.

SANE PERSON  Oh, I do understand.  To help me understand better I would like to see your data.  Show me your careful records so I can cross reference them with the public record and make a reasoned, data driven logical conclusion.

WOKE LUNATIC  Has a meltdown.

SANE PERSON  It seems you don’t have a logical argument and are just trying to manipulate me with bad data based on emotion and religious conviction.
SANE PERSON dons hazmat suit and makes and stands firm, not allowing himself to be provoked.

Because Marxism in all its forms is in fact a religion.

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