Justin Trudeau cancels his emergency powers after two days

Last week Trudeau invoked emergency wartime powers to deal with the existential threat of peaceful truckers blocking the streets of Ottawa and honking their horns.  On Monday Parliament ratified those powers so great was the danger to the Canadian State.  On Tuesday he condemned Russia’s military adventurism in Ukraine, declaring that Canada would always stand for freedom and democracy.  On Wednesday he absolved himself of said emergency wartime powers.

What changed?  Maybe this?

Probably not.  Probably it was this:

Your Irascible Correspondent’s prediction holds: the Trudeau regime’s days are numbered, and that number is not large.

Caught by surprise by the appearance of the truckers the Prime Minister demonstrated his cowardice by fleeing into hiding and never having any kind of dialogue with the protesters.  When crowds of pitchfork wielding and torch waving mobs baying for his blood didn’t turn up at his undisclosed location to root him out and lynch him he appeared back in Ottawa determined to prove his manhood by firmly stomping on the truckers.  Because his position in the matter was so precarious he could not rely on Canadian law enforcement he flew in UN goons from Germany to rough up any who dared defy him.  Then he stole their money.  Then he stole their trucks.

Now he realized that everything he’s done only weakens his position, so now he hopes to restore the status quo ante and let bygones be bygones.  With fresh and still stinging memories of recent events that even the Canadian media won’t be able to wipe away, it is unlikely that Fidel Castro’s bastard get will survive politically very long at all.  Canada and the world have seen the face of the Great Reset, and don’t much like it.

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