Important events this weekend

It is vital that Patriots attend these events. In the first place to peacefully demonstrate against having our vote invalidated. In the second, and more importantly, to network. Republicans are not famous for mass action; if we are to prevail we must unite and cooperate, because once they load you on the boxcars its too late.

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  1. Apparently we are becoming a third world country.
    It is known that members of goverments always have the tendency to some level of corruption, for example just look at countries in Central and South America, with extreme cases such as Nicaragua and Venezuela.
    United States of America, on my opinion is HEVEN, just look around you WE HAVE EVERYTHING!
    Then, Why is that you want to change our standard of living for just an idealogy?
    If you are a Democrat, you know that América was founded with very strong moral values.
    Ask yourself what your values are.
    If you consider yourself an American:
    Love this beatiful country
    Respect your National Anthem
    Respect and honor your glag
    Love your family and;
    Respect your neighbors and their religión believes
    By the way, I am from Peru

    • Don’t be depressed. Attend the rally in Beverly Hills and be energized. There is another one on Sunday at 1PM. Show your real support for Donald J. Trump.

    • I am a first generation Irish American. They will NOT steal the most precious thing from the American people; our right to vote and be counted as a valid voice in a guaranteed fraud-free voting system. The evil traitors think we will lie down and go quietly into the night? As i swore it, I will if necessary lay down my life to protect the Constitution and the Republic of the United States of America. I don’t own or properly know how to use a firearm, but I will seek training. Watch out feckers, because there are 10s of millions like me. You may take everything from me. I give it all up gladly to protect my country. And forget about trying to carve up the country i.e. succession of California. Never. Ever. Going to happen.

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