I watched Biden’s speech so you wouldn’t have to – the goofy, the bad and the ugly

This speech was originally billed as an explanation of and appeal to the “Soul of America.”  What we got was the soul of tyranny.

There is only one thing that might be thought of a new in this speech, Conservative Republicans and MAGA Republicans are now America’s declared enemies.  As if the Let’s Go Brandon mail order Maladministration had not sufficiently signaled that all kinds of patriotic Americans are Domestic Terrorists.  Tyrants’ principal enemies are never foreign, but always domestic.  They are always a house divided, which is why they can never standl  Which is why this travesty of a President and the Revolutionary Junta he rode in on will not stand either.

As your Irascible Correspondent reads between the lines, the Administration will be taking the gloves off and coming against domestic opposition no holds barred.  He got to the point fairly early in the speech and followed up lots of Amreicana bromides, probably plagiarized from other presidential speeches, to soften the brutal threat.  The Deep State promulgates a mandatory narrative to which you, Citizen, must accept, approve and repeat on pain of punishment.

Much was said about “our Democracy” and nothing about our Republic.  Which makes sense when you understand that “Democracy” means “Rule by Democrats.”

Reminder: they are only doing this because they are afraid of us.  So don’t be afraid.

In a strange sort of way this performance reminded me of the movie “The Producers” and the Springtime for Hitler song.

Its springtime for Biden and the CCP,
Its winter for Pubbies and Trump!

I cannot imagine what possessed the set designer to flood Liberty Hall in red light, unless it is to acknowledge the real power behind the throne.

To which there can ever be only one response.

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