How to ensure your own personal election integrity and the sanctity of your vote

The State of California has begun sending out election materials, so naturally the GBRA is beginning to get our voter recommendations.  Your Irascible Correspondent needs to make a couple of points before we begin.

GBRA voter recommendation lists are being prepared.  There are many races in the jurisdictions in our area of interest and it will take some time to pull all those together.  We will have lists for you relatively soon, in plenty of time for election day in June.  If you are outside the Glendale, Burbank, La Canada, La Crescenta, Montrose area We probably won’t be able to help.  Contact a local Republican Club in your area.  More on that below.

Given the egregious, brazen, widespread, organized, coordinated and systematic election irregularities we saw in 2020 it behooves us to be more careful with how we handle our ballots.  I have in previous posts pointed out the various ways ballots were manipulated in the Arizona forensic audit, and will provide links to some of those articles below.  I will also make a recommendation as to how you can protect your vote and help uncover ‘irregularities’ in the system.

My first recommendation is that you NOT, repeat NOT open your ballot when it arrives in the mail.  Put it, unopened, in a safe place (where you will remember where it is!).  On the Election Day take it with you to the polls.  Mark your preferences in the Official Sample Ballot and take that with you to the polls with your unopened ballot.  Use the Sample Ballot to mark your choices when you get to the machine.

The reason for this is that many voters across the nation in 2020 were told that they had already voted when they turned up at the polls and either did not vote or voted provisionally.  If you have your original ballot in hand they cannot realistically say you already voted.  If it happens that you are told that you already voted raise a stink, and I do mean be LOUD, have yourself a nice little rant, and call either the police, the Sheriff or the Election Integrity Project, CA.  Use your cell phone to capture the events for posterity.  I don’t have those numbers for you right now, but this article will be updated and republished at least once before the election in June.

But if all is well and there is no impediment to your voting on Election Day, you will be required to turn in the ballot you received in the mail.  This is to be expected, simply tear it in two and hand it over.

California permits ballot harvesting, that is permitting third parties carrying the voted ballots of other people and turning them in to the County Recorder or depositing them in ballot drop boxes.  Under no circumstance entrust your ballot to anyone you do not know well and trust absolutely.  If you have not watched the 2000 Mules movie go here and watch it.  In fact, have a 2000 Mules party, watch it with your relatives, friends and neighbors.

In addition to the marvellous 2000 Mule expose here are links to recent articles posted here on the mechanics of election irregularities uncovered in Arizona.

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