How to fight a Twitter war and win

The radical left has used Twitter very effectively to advance their anti American agenda, we can use to advance the MAGA agenda and put a crimp in the left’s plans.

Why Twitter?  Because that’s where the lefties are.  We are coming up on the anniversary of D-Day; the US Army invaded the beaches at Normandy because that’s where the Nazis were.  You get the point.  If Twitter banned you open a new account.  If they ban you again open a new account.

Pick a target.  I am suggesting that for starters we go after @Elen_Asatryan, a radical leftist running for city council in Glendale.  Why her?  Its a place to start.  There can and will be more.  Find her on Twitter by putting @Elen_Asatryan in the search box.  When her Twitter account appears, follow her.  You want to be able to keep track of what she’s up to.  More about Elen Asatryan.

For those unfamiliar with Twitter there are two symbols you need to know: @ (at) and # (hashtag)

The @ indicates the name of a Twitter account (not necessarily the account owner’s name).  When you add @whoever in a reply or retweet @whoever will get copied on your tweet.  It functions like an address, a Twitter address.

The # indicates a subject that can be searched.  By adding a #whatever you make your tweet searchable by topic.  For example, #friedeggs will add your tweet to the topic friedeggs so anyone who searches for #friedeggs will be able to find your tweet.

There are several tactics that will increase the effectiveness of your efforts besides just saying oppositional things when replying to her Tweets.  Never, never, never be rude, crude, vulgar or EVER suggest any kind of violence.  This does NOT mean you have to be nice.

Underneath the tweet that interests you there are four little icons: a cartoon speech bubble (reply), two arrows going around (retweet), a heart (like) and an up arrow (share).

Force Multiplier 1.  Don’t simply reply to a Tweet, retweet it, but not just retweet, quote retweet.  You will be able to make your remarks in response to the linked original tweet.  It makes the conversation more intelligible and the algorithm likes it.

Force Multiplier 2.  Copy and paste a line like the following after your remarks, it will send your retweet to the individuals mentioned and make your tweet searchable by topic.
@Elen_Asatryan @MyGlendale @henry4glendale @drdonaldkeifer #whatisawoman #teachkidshate #schoolsaregrooming #woke4glendale #divisionenvyexclusion #trans4glendale

If anybody has better ideas for who to @ and/or better hashtags do share by all means.  Cut and paste the line into a text file and save it on your desktop to make finding it again easy.

Force Multiplier 3. Look for anybody else who has retweeted with a line of @s and #s, then quote retweet it with your own line of @s and #s.  This will more than double the effectiveness.

Force Multiplier 4. Copy your tweet and share it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever.  Get the word out there!

Force Multiplier 5.  Do it every day and keep it up until the target is rendered ineffective.

This strategy has worked well against Arizona RINO Mark Brnovich, currently Attorney General now running for Senate.  He was knocked down from 47% approval to 17% in less than 10 days.  It will work here too.

Here are a couple of handy guides for using Twitter.

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