How to defend your pro-life views

Standing up for your pro-life views can be intimidating or even downright scary. You may feel like you don’t know enough about the topic to discuss it in detail.
We don’t want you to feel ill-equipped or frightened to be a voice for the preborn. That’s why we’ve created a fantastic video series that will help to walk you through the issues surrounding abortion and how you can express your pro-life views in winsome ways.
The series also looks at some of the arguments that pro-abortionists make to justify their stance, and why those arguments are flawed.
You can get started watching the first video today! Here is a link where you can get this free video series,
We all must be prepared to give our reasons for our beliefs. I hope you will be even more equipped to do this through the video series.
God bless you, and thanks again for standing with Focus on the Family to defend life!
Take care,
Robyn Chambers
Executive Director – Advocacy for Children
Focus on the Family

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