Here is evidence of funny business in AZ 2020 election

We know for certain that there was all kinds of funny business with the 2020 election, and that is nowhere more clear than in Arizona, the only State in which a true forensic audit is being done.  2000 Mules exposed one aspect of the funny business.  Here is a presentation of another aspect of the funny business with hard evidence in an accessible, easy to understand visual presentation.

Below is the link to the pdf download of every batch in every box on every pallet in the Maricopa 2020 election.


The link will take you to a box labeled Jovan Hutton Pulitzer EXCLUSIVES.  Click on the Free Checkout button.

That will take you to a screen where you enter some basic info about yourself, then click on the blue FREE CHECKOUT BUTTON.

That will take you to an order confirmation page with a green Download button.  Click the button.

A pop up asking you where to save the file will appear.  Choose where you want to save the file.  I recommend creating a new folder for it.  Hint: Make the name real obvious so when you can’t remember where you put it you can look over your directory structure and it will pop out at you.

This is a zip file which contains a bunch of compressed images.  You are going to extract them so click the extract button.  Keep the default settings, it will unpack the images in a new folder inside your original folder.

Click into that new folder and double click to open the image in your image viewing software, your computer should just do it automatically.  If it doesn’t just call your kid or gandkid as may be.

Jovan’s remarks about this file:

EXCLUSIVE – This is our PKAD Pallet/Batch Chronology Report. Inside this zip are 245 Charts that show the EXACT Dates and BATCHES when nefarious activities were used to manipulate the predetermined outcome of the 2020 Maricopa County, Arizona General Election. This is what allows you to visualize the impact of the nefarious activities and when they were deployed. These charts are accompanied by an explainer video and a pdf document as well.

Alas there is no video nor a pdf document, so I’ll do my best with my limited knowledge.

The first slide tells us the contents of the first pallet.  These are 100% Early Vote, 0% Election Day batches.  We will also see Duplicate ballots and HAND counted ballots in later pallets.  We see that 20, 965 votes for the Democrat (40.635%), 29,351 for the Republican (56.890%), 785 for the Independent (1.522%) and there were 492 write ins (0.9455).  There is a breakdown of the 269 batches by size.

Then there is a breakdown of the dates the batches in the pallet were counted, the ID’s of the machines that counted them and then the batches are listed by their numeric designation.

Each square represents the contents of one box.  There is a breakdown of each batch by line.  EV = Early Vote, 11/02 the date that the batch was counted, the batch numbers that were counted.  No idea what the S or A column is.  Then there the result of the count is displayed, the color red indicates that the Republican won the vote, the color blue that the Democrat won.  It also tells what the margin of victory was.  Finally it reiterates which machine counted it.  No idea what the red flag means.  This first series has six pages and represents all the batches in all the boxes on the first pallet.  Then it goes on the the second pallet, and all the pallets in the same way.

Some things to look for, especially in the last few pallets.  A lot of hand counts, some really odd quantities of batches in the boxes, and strange dates indicating that some batches were not counted until well into December.

There is the evidence, review it, evaluate it and draw your own conclusions.

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