Gun control cometh, take #198 or thereabouts

Now that the Donks are back in the power saddle they must indulge their favorite hobby, stripping Americans of the God given rights.  Just today the House passed the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021, mandating that every transfer of ownership of a firearm must include a background check.  Unfortunately eight Republican Congresscritters voted with the Donk majority, although it must be mentioned that one Dem Representative voted against it.

Sit down, grandma.

As soon as that vote was in the can Facepalm Feinstein had to jump up and introduce another “I Hate Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines” bill.  She noted that it had been 17 years since the original assault weapon ban had expired and bemoaned all the mass shootings that had ensued, presumably, but mistakenly attributed to the easy availability of “assault weapons with high capacity magazines.”  Never mind that in her mind the term assault weapons is defined as ‘a scary gun’ and high capacity magazine just means ‘more bullets than I think you need.’



Suddenly the news is full of mass shootings, which is odd as I don’t recall the media ballyhooing any during the Trump Administration.  But now they’re all over the place!  If you go in and read these stories you will be amazed to discover that either they were all written by the same person and simply had the location information changed, or all these authors were victims of a long range Zuckerberg-Vulcan mind meld.  Clearly this is a big propaganda push.

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You watch, all these mass shootings will never be attributed to defunding the police.  No, that has nothing to do with it, despite a significant increase in crime wherever the police have gone on walkabout.  The real reason, we are told, is that there are just so many assault weapons and high capacity magazines in the hands of ordinary, law-abiding citizens.  Time for more common sense gun laws!  To make us safe!  For our own good!  Never mind that they are the ones most terrified of armed citizens.

Now it must go to the Senate.  The likelihood that it will be stopped there is – up in the air, shall we say?

This just the beginning.  We already know that HR 127 is coming down the pike, and there will be more and more just like it.

Your Irascible Correspondent will venture a turn at playing the prophet for you.  It will not be enough for them that all the media outlets will be echoing the same drumbeat refrain about surging gun violence.  No, they will stage at least one horrific mass shooting in which a person not of color will be the star.  It will be another Sandy Hook, Pulse Nightclub, Stoneman Douglas High School or Las Vegas type event.  Do not doubt that they can and will manipulate some unfortunate person on psychiatric medication, the kind that has the potential to turn the sufferer into a rage monster, to go over the edge and give them the propaganda coup they need.

Che Guevara at the range

That will be the real beginning.  Then perhaps an executive order mandating universal gun buybacks.  They know who the gun owners are, especially here in Crazyfornia.  If you decline to participate in the buyback, there will be fines.  And if still not, well then there will be word to your employer, your kids’ school, your doctor, perhaps.  Then power and water shut downs.  Then your bank account goes away.  Then what do you do?  Wait your turn?

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