Gov. Newsom Signs Legislation Making California a “Sanctuary state” for Sex Reassignment Procedures

Legal Insurrection brings the bad news:

Additionally, the state will soon seal conviction and arrest records for certain ex-offenders who maintain a clean record.

California Gavin Newsom is on a roll and has now signed legislation that will roll over protections of American children from irreversible procedures and life-altering hormonal treatments.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom this week signed legislation that will block state officials from enforcing other states’ laws that hinder access to transgender medical procedures and drugs.

The new law, sponsored by Sen. Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat, passed the legislature in late August. It is a response to recent efforts from some red states to ban transgender procedures and drugs for minors, and effectively sets up California as a sanctuary for those seeking to escape those laws.

One such law in Arkansas that is facing a court challenge bans “gender transition procedures,” including surgeries or drugs, for children under 18. Texas, meanwhile, is in a legal fight after its Attorney General Ken Paxton declared “certain medical and chemical procedures – several of which have the effect of sterilization” to be child abuse.

The measures seek to undo protections created by other states.

Senate Bill 107 bars doctors from releasing medical information to authorities in other states investigating families of transgender children for taking them to providers for gender-affirming treatment. It also prevents California law enforcement agencies from arresting people for violating other state laws regarding gender-affirming care.

The new law gives California courts the ability to assert custody hearing jurisdiction when a transgender child is in the state to receive health care.

But there is even more. Newsom also signed into law new rules that roll over protections Californians should have from felons. The state will soon seal conviction and arrest records for certain ex-offenders who maintain a clean record.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill Thursday night from Sen. Maria Elena Durazo, D-Los Angeles, allowing people convicted of a felony to have their records automatically sealed if they complete their sentence and remain conviction-free for at least four years. Records of arrest that never resulted in a conviction can be sealed as well.

The law “will give individuals the tools to turn the page on their past and an opportunity to build a new, better life while providing an economic boost in California, including an estimated $20 billion yearly increase to our state’s gross domestic product that it currently misses out on from widespread unemployment and under employment of those with a conviction history,” Durazo said in a statement Thursday night.

The law will take effect July 1, and excludes registered sex offenders and people convicted of serious or violent crimes. Those individuals may still petition to have their records sealed.

These two items are the low lights in a long list of laws Newsom signed this week. Florida Gov. Ron Desantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott should have lots of material to work with if Newsom decides to target either of those states with his silly ads and even sillier comments.

Interestingly, in conjunction with signing-off on all this woke legislation, Newsom made a few comments about Biden that are were less than supportive.

…Biden has “learned the hard way” that attempts to unite MAGA Republicans and Democrats around common values won’t work right now, California Gov. Gavin Newsom said on MSNBC.

Asked whether it’s a “fool’s errand” to try and bridge the gap between the left and right, Newsom said it is at the moment.

“I mean, he’s hardwired for a different world, but that world is gone and he’s acknowledged that very publicly on multiple occasions,” Newsom said during a wide-ranging interview with host Alex Wagner.

Clearly, Newsom is thirsty for the Oval Office. Hopefully, he will experience a drought of support . . . sort of like the state he is suppose to be leading. All this destructive, woke legislation will not create the infrastructure needed to help California deal with a significant crisis.

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