Glendale skyrocketing sanitation fees and what to do about it

“I have lived in Glendale for 51 years and am shocked at the proposed rate increase for our sanitation services for single family residences. Unless “A MAJORITY OF GLENDALE HOMEOWNERS” protest, Glendale’s solid waste rates will almost QUADRUPLE (358%) over the next 5 years:
Date of Increase                 New Rate as a Percentage of 2022 Rates   
2/1/2023                                                      182%
7/1/2023                                                      228%
7/1/2024                                                      285%
7/1/2025                                                      308%
7/1/2026                                                      333%
7/1/2027                                                      358% 
All Glendale Homeowners: Please take the time to file a protest in order to stop this proposed quadrupling of YOUR Glendale solid waste rates.

How to Protest The Proposed Rate Increase:

If you are the owner of record of a parcel(s) subject to the proposed solid waste rates or any tenant directly responsible for the payment of solid waste services provided by the City, you may submit a written protest against the proposed solid waste rate increase. If written protests are filed by a majority of the affected property owners, the proposed solid waste rate increase will not be imposed.

Any written protest must:
1. State that the property owner or tenant is in opposition to the proposed rate increase.
2. Provide the location of the identified parcel (by Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) and street address), and
3. Include the name and original signature of the property owner or tenant submitting the protest. If the party signing the protest is not shown on the last equalized assessment roll of Los Angeles County as the owners of the parcel(s), the protest must contain, or be accompanied by written evidence that such party is the owner, or the tenant, of the parcel(s).

Written protests regarding the proposed new solid waste rate increase may be mailed to: City of Glendale, City Clerk, 613 East Broadway, Room 110, Glendale, California 91206.
Written protests may also be personally delivered to the City Clerk at this address.
To be valid, a protest must be in writing and received (not postmarked) by the City Clerk prior to the close of the public hearing on January 10, 2023.
Oral, telephonic and email protests will not be accepted.
Because an original signature is required, emailed, faxed and photocopied protests will not be counted.
Oral comments provided at the Public Hearing will not qualify as a formal protest unless accompanied by a written protest.

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