Glendale parents are blowing up the Glendale school board, not a moment too soon

A bit of a language warning here for those with sensitive ears.  Having been a sailor your Irascible Correspondent finds this very mild.  In my opinion the seriousness of the situation warrants thoughtful, powerful and pungent language.  More commentary after the video.

Whereas I agree with Ms. Fox that these outspoken Moms are fabulous, I disagree that the key argument is that their religious and civil rights are not being respected or that it would be OK for these groomer teachers to teach this tripe if they accepted the financial responsibility for the damage they are doing.

The entire agenda of the left is demonic.  This grooming agenda is designed to destroy the souls of these kids, cripple their ability to form healthy human relationships, reduce all relationships to genital interaction.  By attacking the kids (be sure it is a deliberate, well considered attack) at what is fundamentally a spiritual level they are also attacking their parents’ authority and the sacred bonds of family.  By attacking the family they are attacking the very foundations of society and therefore the nation.  There is much more to say about this but I am pressed for time.

All of this is happening because of the utter failure of Conservatism to conserve the fundamental principles which have guided our Republic since its founding.  Now we see these parents standing up for their children.  Will Conservatives back them up, having by silence and apathy to prevent the disaster so readily discernable years ago from coming to the present pass?

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